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Tax Service of Sevastopol: the unified tax account will become effective from January 1, 2023

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Discussions were held at the Department of the Federal Tax Service for the city of Sevastopol with representatives of business communities, public organizations and large taxpayers of the city on the issue of introducing the institution of the Single Tax Account.

E.G. Dubovik, Head of the Department of Revenue and Analytical Support of the Budget Process of the Department of Finance of the City of Sevastopol A.A. Kizilov, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship Development and Investment Climate of the Department of Economic Development of Sevastopol M.V. Kalinichenko. In a welcoming speech, acting Head of the Office Yu.V. Belostotskaya spoke about the conditions and prerequisites that have arisen for the implementation of the Single Tax Account (UNT), including many technological operations for balancing debt, a high probability of errors in making payments, an unreliable state of settlements, and the accrual of interest on technical debt , — noted in the press service of the department.

Listing the advantages of the UNS institution, she noted that among the main advantages of the new procedure for paying taxes and fees is the maximum simplification of the procedure for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations to pay taxes: it will become easier to pay — just one payment per month and only 2 details in the «payment» .

Also, a unified balance of settlements with the budget is formed in the UNS, which will not allow the accrual of interest if the taxpayer has arrears and overpayments at the same time. A single amount for settlements with the budget will make it possible to completely abandon redundant procedures for clarification and offsets between the CCC and OKTMO.

During the discussions, the head of the department for settling the state of settlements with the budget A.N. Krasnoperov, using the example of the Taxpayer’s Personal Account, demonstrated the opportunities that will be provided to taxpayers from January 1 of the year. The new service functionality will allow you to receive information on the general final state of settlements with the budget, the positive balance of which can be immediately returned to your current account, or transferred to fulfill the obligations of another taxpayer.

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“The formation of a single balance will eliminate the need for taxpayers to track cases of overpayments on some taxes and debts on others in order to set off between them and not charge penalties, and in the future this will be done without the participation of the payer on the platform of the Federal Tax Service,” the speaker noted.

A.N. Krasnoperov clarified that in Sevastopol, 9 business entities are participating in a pilot project to test the UNS, this decision was made by them in order to be among the first to take advantage of the new technology and test interaction with the tax authorities in the context of the UNS.

Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economics of the Legislative Assembly of the city of Sevastopol E.G. Dubovik noted: “The current economic situation in the country requires the simplification of procedures related to the payment of taxes. I am sure that the UNS will facilitate the mechanism for paying taxes to the budget, which will positively affect the filling of local and regional budgets.”

During the event, the specialists of the Office answered the questions received from the participants in the public discussions.

The gathered business representatives were active in discussing the proposed topics and expressed their interest in the implementation of the project for the implementation of the UNS.

Summing up the discussion, Yu.V. Belostotskaya stressed that the new UNS mechanism will allow the tax authorities and taxpayers to see the state of settlements with the budget “with one eye”, as for the first time the possibility for taxpayers of online access to the details of charges and tax payments will be implemented.

Source: press service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Sevastopol

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