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Technopark «IT Crimea»: Sevastopol residents are invited to master a specialty in the field of microelectronics

Technopark «IT Crimea»: Sevastopol residents are invited to master a specialty in the field of microelectronics

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Technopark «IT Crimea»» Together with specialists from the RISKI startup team, we created a free course “Basics of developing analog SoC units.” The training course will cover the design of analog integrated circuits. Successful completion of the program provides the opportunity to obtain a new profession in a rapidly growing field and the opportunity to work in a leading company in the IT sector. Specialists with higher technical education or senior students of specialties: microelectronics, electronics or radio engineering are invited to participate.

Completing the course will allow you to master a new specialization (become an engineer-developer of analog SoC units), get the opportunity to become part of a large team in an IT company, and also make your contribution to the development of Russian microelectronics.

Technopark “IT Crimea” has been implementing free training programs for many years that are aimed at introducing young Sevastopol residents and specialists who dream of connecting their professional lives with the field of information technology to the IT industry. Our programs provide excellent opportunities for young people: to become part of the community of IT specialists of the peninsula, immerse themselves in the innovative field, get a new profession, and, possibly, a job offer— said Dmitry Gachko, serial IT entrepreneur, venture investor, founder of the IT Crimea Technopark.

Startup RISKI is one of the projects of the IT Garage startup studio, created jointly with Sevastopol State University. The project is aimed at developing microcontrollers based on the RISC-V architecture. The project plans are global and ambitious — the creation of microcontrollers for:

  • consumer IoT devices;
  • industrial robots;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • automotive electronics; general purpose processors;
  • data centers and cloud technologies, etc.
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According to Maria Tretyakova, CEO of the IT Garage startup studio, “the project was born as a collaboration between an IT company and Sevastopol State University. The core of the RISKI project is Northern State University graduate students, who have grown professionally in less than a year with the help of senior colleagues. Based on successful experience, we decided to launch this course with the aim of finding young and promising engineers who can become part of the RISKI team. The university provides excellent basic knowledge, but the course allows you to gain invaluable practical experience in the field of microelectronics, thereby gaining the competencies for successful work in one of the most promising industries.”

Course dates: April 1 — April 19, applications close on March 29.

Format: offline lectures at the IT Crimea Technopark (Rudneva, 41) and practical classes in an online format. You can find out the terms of participation, familiarize yourself with the program and sign up for a free online course at official website Technopark «IT Crimea».

source: press service of Technopark «IT-Crimea»

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