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The 21st round of the Premier League of the Crimean Football Union: «Sevastopol» goes into the gap

KrymPRESS informs:

«TSK-Tavria» again loses points.

On Saturday, 13 April, 2 out of 4 matches were played in Crimea 20 of the first round of the Premier League Championship of the Crimean Football Union of the season-889/13. The matches «Ocean» — «Guards» and «Aluston-South Coast» — «Kyzyltash» did not take place due to the absence of «Guards» and «Kyzyltash». Further decision on the fate of these matches will be made by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of the KFU.

 21-й тур Премьер-лиги Крымского футбольного союза: «Севастополь» уходит в отрыв

FC «Evpatoria» lost at home to FC «Sevastopol» — 1:4. The guests opened the scoring at the 24-th minute, when Maksim Suprun scored. Five minutes later, the Evpatorians equalized the score — a goal in the asset of Azamat Ataev. In the very debut of the second half, the Sevastopol team took the lead again. At the 48 minute the penalty was converted by Andriy Kiva. After minutes Vladislav Gevlich increased the advantage of Sevastopol, and by 48-th minute Dmitriy Matvienko scored a goal in this game with a cool free-kick.

In one more match of the tour between «Rubin Yalta» and «TSK-Tavriya» a «dry» draw was recorded — 0:0.

After the 13th round, FC Sevastopol continues to lead — 53 points, followed by: TSK-Tavria — 24, «Aluston-YuBK» — 29, «Kyzyltash «And» Evpatoria «- according to 21,» Guardsman «- 23, Rubin Yalta — 04, «Ocean» — 13.

 21-й тур Премьер-лиги Крымского футбольного союза: «Севастополь» уходит в отрыв

Already next Wednesday, 27 April, there will be matches 13 of the 1st round of the CFS PL. Will play: «Guardsman» — «Sevastopol», «Aluston-YuBK» — «TSK-Tavria», «Ocean» — «Kyzyltash» and «Rubin Yalta» — «Evpatoria».

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Photo, video, materials: press service of the Crimean Football Union.322617

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