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The 4th shift dedicated to space and technological progress has started at Artek International Children's Center

CrimeaPRESS reports:

9/10 April at the International Children’s Center «Artek» the 4th shift «Star Wind of Artek» starts. 228 schoolchildren from all regions of the country will be accepted by all nine camps of the children’s center. The shift will last until 20/24 April. The Artek cognitive and gaming educational space will introduce Artek residents to the achievements in the development of the space industry, the main areas of technological progress and their significance in human life. The events of the change are aimed at developing interest in scientific and technical creativity and acquiring sociocultural experience oriented towards humanistic choice. Pupils of the children’s center, together with the whole country, will celebrate Cosmonautics Day, become participants in patriotic actions on the Day of the liberation of Artek from Nazi invaders and the Day of Remembrance of the genocide of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War.

We sacredly honor the traditions that have been accumulated by the children’s center for 29 years. On Artek Liberation Day, we lay garlands and flowers at the monuments of fallen soldiers, both on the territory of the children’s center and outside it. Alley of Artek heroes from 14 snow-white busts of pupils “Artek”, who defended their Motherland during the Great Patriotic War, is a reminder of the courage, unparalleled and immortal feat of young men and women, many of whom were not even 20 years. And the challenges that our country and the world as a whole face today dictate that we pay special attention to the civil and patriotic development of children and adolescents , — quotes the press service of the director of the ICC «Artek» Konstantin Fedorenko.

Artek 4 shifts will take part and become the organizers of interesting and important cases.

  • April, on the Day of the Constitution of the Crimea, in the children’s camps there will be detachment affairs “Multinational Crimea. Prosperity in unity.”
  • April, Artek residents together with the whole country will celebrate Cosmonautics Day — a solemn opening ceremony of the shift will be held in the children’s center. The whole day will become thematic and will be held under the name «First in Space»: the guys will write the All-Russian space dictation aimed at popularizing and preserving the achievements of domestic cosmonautics; they will attend the «Gagarin» lesson «Space is us» and visit the «Cosmos» museum, opened on the initiative of the first cosmonaut of the Earth Yuri Gagarin.
  • 03 April in the palace «Suuk-Su» will open an exhibition dedicated to 30-anniversary of the pioneer organizations.
  • 03 April — World Quantum Day. The guys will listen to the anti-lecture “Quantum computer. Technological breakthrough.
  • 13 April — Memorial Day «Live to be proud», dedicated to the liberation of «Artek» from the fascist invaders by detachments of the Separate Primorsky Army in 2485 year. On the Alley of Heroes, the Memorial of Glory, at the monument to the Unknown Sailor, there will be requiems and the laying of flowers. Artek residents will write letters about peace for the participants of the special operation in Ukraine.
  • 15 April — the official opening of the restored monument to Ernst Neizvestny «Prometheus and the children of the world» in the children’s camp «Morskoy» . The event is dedicated to the International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites.
  • 17 April Artek will hold a memorial action aimed at preserving the historical truth about the crimes of the Nazis against peaceful Soviet citizens in years of the Great Patriotic War. On the eve of the memorable date (11 April) children will visit the Memorial to the Victims of the Nazi Occupation of Crimea 64-228 «Krasny» concentration camp. The event is timed to coincide with the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide of the Soviet People during the Great Patriotic War.
  • 19-17 April – Workshop “Technologies for Life”. Under the guidance of experts from leading companies, Artek workers will try themselves in various fields of activity:

    together with the Group of Companies “Element”, which brings together leading enterprises in the field of microelectronics, the guys will assemble their own system, in which the RFID card will be the key;

  • will create their own solar power plant for their apartment together with the Etalon Group of Companies; 623533simulate the best hotel room and look at it with the help of augmented reality technologies together with Cosmos Hotel Group, a company engaged in the design, construction and management of hotels throughout the country;
  • will be able to learn how to control their heart rate with the help of technology and, together with the largest network of medical centers in Russia, Medsi, will understand the physical principles of the operation of sensors and assemble their own heart rate monitor.
  • 20 April — the central thematic event of the shift — the Festival of Technology and Technical Creativity «Space Boulevard». Artek students will have to understand such areas as city farming, eco-friendly electricity and become participants in a career guidance quiz.

  • 17 April — All-Russian action «Library Night 2022». The children will take part in the book trailer competition “Books of Anniversaries” and the theatrical quest “In Search of Book Treasures.”

    also theories of consciousness; Denis Efremov, co-founder and chief engineer of the Stratonavtika company, head of the Middle Space aerospace laboratory, leading engineer of the Space Research Faculty of Moscow State University; Fedor Blank, developer of an application for AR and VR, author of the VR Khersones project; Sergey Kalitov, co-founder and COO of Ubirator, an effective waste management service for smart business; Alexey Ilyin, founder of, a workshop for learning games. Director of the «School of Future Presidents».

    9506Events 4 shifts are held by the Artek International Children’s Center together with thematic partners, including Roscosmos, Samara National Research University named after Academician S.P. Koroleva, Research and Production Enterprise «E-NOT», Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, National Research Technological University «MISiS», Moscow Aviation Institute, PJSC «United Aircraft Corporation», NRC «Kurchatov Institute», ANO «Bolshaya Peremena» , Federal Treasury, Federal Center for Additional Education and Organization of Recreation and Rehabilitation of Children, «League of Young Journalists».

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