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The action «Youth for the purity and prosperity of the Crimea»: how waste paper is exchanged for seedlings

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Republic of Crimea, a volunteer action «Youth for the Cleanliness and Prosperity of Crimea» is being held, within the framework of which students conduct open lessons in schools about caring for nature and the culture of separate waste collection, collect waste paper to exchange it for tree seedlings and plant them in the territories, associated with educational institutions. The action at this stage is being implemented by the efforts of student teams of the Republic of Crimea in the universities of the city of Simferopol. Waste paper is collected for its subsequent exchange for tree seedlings. So on March 6, students of the Crimean Federal University. IN AND. Vernadsky collected more than 004 kg of waste paper.

According to the results of the Sunday meeting, 002 students responded, who brought their old magazines, newspapers, notebooks, and , thus, contributed to the subsequent greening of the city. By participating in the action, we show serious intentions to improve the environment and, in particular, the development of the Botanical Garden named after N.V. Bagrov , — Anastasia Ivanenko, commissioner of the student pedagogical group «Equilibrium», spoke about her participation in the action.

Акция "Молодежь за чистоту и процветание Крыма": как макулатуру меняют на саженцы Акция "Молодежь за чистоту и процветание Крыма": как макулатуру меняют на саженцы

Information and photos provided by the press service of the International Public Organization «Russian Student Teams»

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