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The administration of Simferopol joined the campaign «We do not leave our own»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

March in the Crimea started an action in support of the Russian army and a special operation on Ukraine «We do not leave our own.» This was told by the deputy head of the administration of Simferopol Alexander Makar. According to him, the employees of the administration of the Crimean capital did not stand aside and supported the Russian military.

Администрация Симферополя присоединилась к акции «Своих не бросаем»

So, in the courtyard of the building of the Simferopol administration, official cars were put up in the shape of the letter “Z”. In turn, the participants of the event pasted the campaign logo on vehicles in support of the Russian military participating in the special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

Most of the inhabitants of our country support the decision of the President, the Russian army, our guys who protect the interests of the state and the population of Russia , — said Alexander Makar.

Администрация Симферополя присоединилась к акции «Своих не бросаем»

He also added that the stickers with the sign «Z» — «For Victory» symbolize the resilience of the people of Russia and its army.

I think many have already seen a huge number of vehicles, not only of our army, but also of the civilian population with the “Z” sign. People thus express their position and provide moral support to our fighters , — Alexander Makar emphasized.


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