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The all-Russian campaign “Donor Code” was held at KFU. Mentoring»

The all-Russian campaign “Donor Code” was held at KFU. Mentoring»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Donor events were held at the Crimean Federal University as part of the all-Russian campaign “Donor Code. Mentoring» and the All-Russian Marathon #Let’sJoin. A total of 92 people became donors of bone marrow, blood and its components.

The all-Russian campaign “Donor Code” was held at KFU. Mentoring The all-Russian campaign “Donor Code” was held at KFU. Mentoring

During the event, employees of the Blood Center gave lectures to students from various departments about blood donation and the development of the Federal Bone Marrow Register in Russia, and students and university employees were able to become donors of bone marrow, blood and its components.

In the year of the Teacher and Mentor, the Crimean Federal University becomes a mentor for young people as part of the All-Russian campaign “Donor Code. Mentoring.» Our partner is the Blood Center, with which we plan to enter into a cooperation agreement in the near future. During the event, our teachers, students and staff demonstrated the importance and significance of this event. In my opinion, personal example is more important than ever here and everyone has become a mentor for the younger generation. In addition, the action provides an opportunity to show one’s humanity, concern, awareness and civic position., – the press service of the university quotes the director of the department for social and educational work of KFU. V.I. Vernadsky Elena Kravchenko.

Donor activities are aimed at replenishing blood supplies in accordance with the needs of the regional institutions of the Blood Center.

We also talked with students about a separate type of donation – taking cells, namely platelets. The topic is relevant because the number of people in need of transfusion of this particular component has increased. Despite the fact that the coronavirus is not at its peak, an increase in incidence is still observed. Clinicians have noticed a peculiarity that the COVID-19 virus affects platelet levels: blood cells in moderate and severe patients decrease sharply. These patients just need a transfusion of individual blood cells from a donor. The same procedure is necessary for patients with leukemia and patients receiving chemotherapy, as well as people with any cancer.,” said Olga Chos, head of the donor recruitment department of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Republic of Crimea “Blood Center” of the Republic of Crimea.

According to her, the collection of the component is carried out specifically for a specific patient, and a preparation of the required group and rhesus is sent to him.

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All-Russian campaign “Donor code. Mentoring» is held within the framework of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor.

source: KFU press service

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