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The All-Russian campaign “I Serve the Fatherland” has started in Sevastopol

The All-Russian campaign “I Serve the Fatherland” has started in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On July 10, the Day of Military Glory of Russia, the All-Russian campaign «I Serve the Fatherland» was launched in the country, organized by the state fund «Defenders of the Fatherland» and the society «Knowledge». Sevastopol is among the first regions to join this patriotic project.

Today, the campaign is taking place in more than 30 regions of the country, with military correspondents and veterans of the special military operation speaking to young people. By the end of the summer, all 89 regions of Russia will join the events of the «I Serve the Fatherland» campaign within the framework of the Knowledge.Heroes track. The campaign will be held in various formats, for example, with veterans of the Special Military Operations holding lectures, master classes, and meetings.

The All-Russian campaign "I Serve the Fatherland" has started in Sevastopol The All-Russian campaign "I Serve the Fatherland" has started in Sevastopol The All-Russian campaign "I Serve the Fatherland" has started in Sevastopol

As Russian President Vladimir Putin noted earlier, participants and veterans of the SVO form the backbone of the Armed Forces. They must participate in governing the country and major projects.

The military correspondent, host of the program «Time Will Tell» on Channel One, creator and editor-in-chief of the channel «Political Russia» Ruslan Ostashko met with the youth of Sevastopol at the site of the city «Boiling Point». Also taking part in the event were members of the families of military personnel, participants and veterans of the SVO, servicemen of the Sevastopol regiment of the Russian Guard. The meeting was held in the format of a dialogue, everyone had the opportunity to ask the military correspondent and participants of the special operation a question of interest. At the meeting, special attention was paid to the topic of information warfare.

You don’t know where this vile blow will come from, what we will be accused of again. The truth is very difficult to understand, it is very difficult to believe in the modern world of media. It is easy to believe in something fantastic– Ruslan Ostashko emphasized.

In addition, the speaker noted that our task is patience and truth, this is what will always defeat any enemy. Untruth is effective, but for a short time, and truth works for a long time, and it takes time to accept it.

During the meeting, veterans of the special operation, including the head of the search and rescue unit «South» of the Sevastopol Rescue Service Viktor Tarasov, shared personal stories about why they decided to go to the front, and also talked about military friendship and solidarity.

As one of the participants of the SVO noted, the decision to defend the interests of the Motherland on the line of combat contact was made easily.

Many friends take part in the SVO, I could not afford to be here, in the rear. I meet different people, I became friends with many, because on the line of combat contact it is important to know that next to you there is a person you can rely on, and he can rely on you– the serviceman shared.

As Viktor Tarasov says, he was worried about his family, his city, and then he decided to go to the front. Now a veteran of the special operation, he quit his job, signed a contract and went to the SVO zone. The team he arrived to was quite professionally trained, they were reliable comrades whom he trusted and who trusted him.

When you come to the front lines, talk to the guys and ask them why you made such a decision, they say that they studied the right books, watched the right films, and had great teachers.– commented Ruslan Ostashko.

The participants of the meeting were also presented and given a collection of graphic novels «Heroes of the Special Operation», developed by the «Knowledge» society. The joint action of the state fund «Defenders of the Fatherland» and the Russian society «Knowledge» is aimed at involving veterans of the SVO in the patriotic education of youth based on personal example.

A completely new system of patriotic education is currently being formed, in which those who stood up to defend Russia’s interests play a key role. Veterans of the SVO, like no one else, can convey to young children the truth about heroism, about the Motherland, about courage. Young people very positively perceive the stories of heroes who themselves take on such work with great enthusiasmsaid Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Chairperson of the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation Anna Tsivileva.

As part of the campaign, the Znanie society has developed methodological materials and is training speakers. A lesson plan and presentation structure have been developed, answers to the most frequently asked questions have been collected, and materials have been provided depending on age groups with a description of the peculiarities of perception of each.

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It should be noted that over the course of a year of work, the state fund «Defenders of the Fatherland» involved more than 3,500 veterans of the special military operation in the patriotic education of youth, and initiated more than 25,000 patriotic events throughout the country, in which almost 500,000 children and young people took part.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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