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The building of the central polyclinic was renovated in Dzhankoy

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Dzhankoy, patients are received in a renovated polyclinic building. Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, chief physician of the Dzhankoy Central District Hospital, told about this.

According to the departmental target program «Modernization of state healthcare institutions in order to bring them up to federal standards and regulations», a three-story polyclinic building was overhauled with a transition. The engineering networks, window and door openings, roofing were replaced, redevelopment and interior decoration of the premises were carried out, a ventilated facade was installed , — he said.

В Джанкое обновили здание центральной поликлиники

In addition, according to the chief doctor, new furniture, couches, cabinets for storing medicines, tables for instruments, medical cabinets and more have been purchased for all rooms. For people with disabilities in the building, ramps are provided, both near the main entrance, and separately to the office of infectious diseases and procedural rooms.

В Джанкое обновили здание центральной поликлиники

The lobby of the polyclinic is equipped with a waiting area, a wardrobe, an open-type reception. In order to increase the accessibility of dialing patients to the registry, additional communication channels were organized, new numbers were purchased for calling a doctor at home, making appointments with specialists.

In the renovated building of the clinic, located on Sovkhoznaya Street, d 19, reception is conducted by general practitioners (family medicine), therapists, as well as doctors of narrow specialties — endocrinologist, infectious disease specialist, ophthalmologist, ENT, surgeons, urologists, nephrologist, dermatovenereologists. The outpatient hemodialysis department is located on the first floor, Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov specified.

The chief physician notes that the implemented measures have improved the working conditions of medical workers. Now specialists will receive patients in comfortable rooms, and local residents will receive medical care in modern conditions. 101 lives in Dzhankoy and the adjacent area 517 person, of which 19 33 adults and 19 528 children.

В Джанкое обновили здание центральной поликлиники

312174Photo: press service of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea.

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