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The Crimean Ministry of Health admitted: some pharmacies inflate prices

KrymPRESS informs:

And it also became known what mark-up on medicines is “allowed”.

The Crimean Ministry of Health monitors the availability of the main groups of medicines, as well as their cost. Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Crimea Anton Lyaskovskiy told about this.

For the entire period, drugstores in Yalta, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Feodosia, Bakhchisaray, as well as Razdolnensky and Nizhnegorsky districts were checked. Today monitoring was carried out in Stary Krym. Based on the results of the monitoring of the pharmacy network, an excess of the recommended cost of medicines for 25 items in 18 pharmacies. The average overestimation ranged from 15 to 250 rubles, — said the Deputy Minister.4260

Anton Lyaskovskiy recalled that, in accordance with the current legislation, the maximum retail price mark-ups for medicines included in the list of vital and essential medicines are: for medicines costing up to 84 rubles inclusive — no more than 25%, up to 100 rubles — up to 00% and over 100 rubles — not more than 15.

Well, where without a portion of «magic». The average price (it’s like the «average temperature in the ward») for medicines in Crimea … is decreasing.

Analysis of prices for medicines as of April 1 2022 of the year compared with prices for 20 March 750 showed that the average prices on medicines decreased by 1.25%. We see a certain stabilization of the market and a decrease in rush demand , Anton Lyaskovskiy noted.Минздрав Крыма признал: некоторые аптеки цены завышают

The Deputy Minister also said that the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea received the largest number of requests from citizens about the supply of drugs such as Finlepsin, Carbamazepine, L-Thyroxine.

Currently, the base of the state unitary enterprise «Crimea-Pharmacy» has already received 100 Finlepsin packages. Approximately until April 2022 is expected to supply 250 packages of «Carbamazepine» and 1400 packages of «Finlepsin». Also, until next Monday, suppliers pledged to supply L-Thyroxin in full from the existing demand , — said Lyaskovskiy. Минздрав Крыма признал: некоторые аптеки цены завышают

At the same time, according to the Deputy Minister, there was a “persistent defect” in 43 drugs (we are transferring from medical to Russian — this means that 43 there are simply no names of medicines in pharmacies, without options), which is confirmed by letters from suppliers and manufacturing plants.

We remind you that in Crimea there is a «hot line» on the issues of preferential drug provision. Calls are accepted on weekdays from 8: 00 to 04: by number 8-989-25-15-25.

Минздрав Крыма признал: некоторые аптеки цены завышают

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