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The danger signals «Attention everyone!» are not heard everywhere in Sevastopol. The enemy takes advantage of this

The danger signals «Attention everyone!» are not heard everywhere in Sevastopol. The enemy takes advantage of this

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Another missile strike and another controversy on the topic of air raid signals, “ballistics”, that same siren “Attention everyone!” Can not hear. Fact. Sevastopol is almost Moscow in area. Even the loudest beeps are not audible everywhere. For example, in the “city” you can hear a siren, but not on the beach. Nothing was heard in Victory Park today, in remote microdistricts, not to mention the huge “scattered” private sector. The problem will be solved. But the enemy takes advantage of this and spreads fakes on the Internet. We present appeal Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev:

Dear Sevastopol residents! An information war is underway along with the SVO. Each attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Sevastopol is accompanied to one degree or another by attacks in media resources. Today, immediately after the attack, members of the Center for the Development of Civil Society began writing to people in various chats, introducing themselves as the public organization «Sevastopol Center for the Development of Civil Society». People are asked to record a video message in which they should ask for «the installation of additional sirens for warning of air raids and air defense systems in Sevastopol». A cash reward is offered for such a video. The nuance is that such an organization really existed, but now it is in the process of being liquidated.

A number of liberal and pro-Ukrainian channels are publishing information that the warning system in Sevastopol was not working during the attack today. This is a lie. All these messages have one goal: to destabilize the situation in the city, to make people nervous.

Of course, we have streets where you can’t hear sirens. Literally on June 27, after the emergency session, I spoke in detail about the fact that we know all the places where it is inaudible, additional equipment has already been purchased and the completion of the warning system will begin in the near future so that it covers the entire city. We will additionally strengthen parks, squares and beaches with systems.

I appeal to all Sevastopol residents: any strangers who write to you, even with supposedly the kindest offers, are a danger. By entering into correspondence with strangers, you, without knowing it, are revealing to them your personal data or security-sensitive information.

When you forward such unverified messages further to your friends, you are helping the enemy: your friends believe you!

Do not write messages about security in city chats, do not send such messages to publics: this information can also be used by enemies.

Any information related to safety, write in private messages to the Government of Sevastopol In contact with or in our special bot.

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