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The final of the 1st Sevastopol Olympiad of Young Theaters will be held in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In September 2022, the opening of the 1st Sevastopol Olympiad of Young Theaters took place, in which 12 teams of school theaters and theater studios at children’s and youth clubs, as well as other institutions of additional education, took part. The event itself was organized within the framework of the project “Methodological Theater Center at the Sevastopol Theater for Young Spectators”, which was launched in Sevastopol, and whose goals are professional assistance and assistance to teachers of school theaters. The need to create such a center became apparent after the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin instructed the Government to develop a program of compulsory theater education in secondary and secondary specialized educational institutions.

In less than a year, 38 teachers and teachers of school theaters were trained at the Methodical Theater Center, classes were conducted by leading specialists: the chief director of the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater. Honored Art Worker of Sevastopol Grigory Lifanov, Chairman of the Sevastopol branch of the STD RF, actor and director, Honored Artist of Russia Yevgeny Zhuravkin, Assistant Director of the Sevastopol Theater for Young Spectators, theater critic, playwright, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Crimea Aksinya Normanskaya, artists: Regina Okuneva (Sevastopol Youth Theater) Sergey Okunev (Sevastopol Youth Theater). 3,756 schoolchildren and students from 52 educational institutions of the city attended master classes for students and laboratories for analysis of performances.

On April 3 and 4, 2023, the first final in the history of the Sevastopol Olympiad for Young Theaters will take place. It will become thematic — after all, the theater must respond to the living challenges of our time, raise and offer for understanding acute topics that concern both children and adults today. Therefore, the organizers together with the participants decided to hold the Closing of the Olympiad in the format of a patriotic marathon «My Sevastopol is my hero!». The program will feature 22 small performances. The participants will be 230 children from 18 schools, youth clubs. Each participating team will be awarded a diploma.

On April 3, in the program of the patriotic marathon, students of the additional education institution of Sevastopol (children’s and youth clubs, creative associations and studios) will demonstrate their work:

  1. KK «Korabel» acrobatic ballet «Shadows» — «Bravo, children!»

Head — Sofronova Ekaterina Gennadievna

2. Theatrical studio «TBM» — «Remember — we are proud»

Head — Bezrodnaya Maria Vladimirovna

  1. Circle «Artistic word» GBOU DO Sevastopol «GTSSSPS» Children’s and youth club «Rumb» — «Sevastopol»

Head — Kabanova Alla Ivanovna

  1. Media studio «Attic» GBU DO «Sevastopol Station for Young Technicians» — «April 45th»

Head — Pavlenko Tatyana Grigorievna

  1. School of Performing Arts «Grace» of the House of Fleet Officers — «Children of War»
  2. GBU DO SUT media studio «Attic» — «Everything is so simple»

Head — Pavlenko Tatyana Grigorievna

  1. Folk Theater for Young Spectators «Akt-Cent» KK «Korabel»

Head — Buleiko Alexander Ivanovich

  1. DOF school of performing arts «Grace» — Vasily Terkin

Head – Elena Olegovna Dadykina

  1. Theater Studio «TBM» — «Our Yard»

Head — Soloviev Vladimir Sergeevich

  1. Theater-studio of plastic drama «We are Barefoot» DKR — «Bosyaki»

Head — Pleskacheva Irina Vasilievna

On April 4, the patriotic marathon will end with performances prepared by pupils of school theaters.

  1. Exemplary Educational and Theater Center GBOU Secondary School No. 14 — «Barbarism»

Head — Bobrova Irina Alexandrovna

  1. Theater Studio «Game» GBOU secondary school No. 25 named after Captain Mark Semyonovich Drapushko — «Service to Duty»

Head — Demidova Natalia Anatolyevna

3. Theater «Ascent» GBOU secondary school No. 48 — «Sevastopol»

Head — Bogomolova Irina Viktorovna

  1. Stamp «Joker» GBOU secondary school No. 13 named after A. I. Pokryshkin — «Operation children»

Head – Yulia Valentinovna Inchina

  1. Shtem «Balagur» GBOU secondary school No. 13 named after A. I. Pokryshkin — «Dark Night»

Head – Yulia Valentinovna Inchina

  1. Theatrical studio «Revyakintsy» GBOU «Educational Center named after. V.D. Revyakin» — «The Ballad of a Young Hero»

Head – Molchanova Daria Dmitrievna

  1. GBOU secondary school No. 48 theater «Ascent» — «You can ask Nina»

Head — Bogomolova Irina Viktorovna

  1. Theatrical circle «Inspiration» GBOU «Gymnasium No. 5» — «Curse on those who kindle the war»

Head — Kornilova Zhanna Valerievna

  1. School theater «Who’s there?» GBOU «Sevastopol Polytechnic Lyceum» — «Eternal Flame»

Head — Romanycheva Natalya Sergeevna

  1. Theater group «Teatralny 24» GBOU «Gymnasium No. 24» — «As long as we remember, they will be alive»

Head – Bogachenko Angelina Andreevna

  1. Theater Studio «DeByut» GBOU secondary school No. 6 — «The feat of the five heroes of the Black Sea»

Head — Gerasimova Lyubov Anatolyevna

  1. Theater Studio «Planet of Childhood» GBOU secondary school No. 60 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union V.S. Pilipenko — «Night Witches»

Head — Kuzina Alena Aleksandrovna, Salakhova Tatyana Vitalievna

source: press service of the Sevastopol Youth Theater

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