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The final of the All-Russian Big Olympiad for schoolchildren will be held in Artek

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Government of Russia, spoke about the success of Russian schoolchildren at international Olympiads in the 2021 year, speaking in the State Duma with a report on the work of the Cabinet of Ministers in the 2021 year . He recalled that last year was declared the Year of Science and Technology. The work of the Russian society «Knowledge» was restarted, which helps to broaden horizons, discover new things for millions of people, including young people across the country.

I can’t help but note the absolute success of our students. They won 38 medals in 8 international olympiads in physics, mathematics, geography, biology and even astrophysics. We are proud of our guys, they will have to fully unlock the huge scientific potential that our country has , — said Mikhail Mishustin.

The school Olympiad movement in our country covers a large number of children. More than 7 million children took part in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in the last academic year.

In support of the development of the Olympiad movement, the Ministry of Education launched a new All-Russian Grand Olympiad «Art — Technology — Sport» on March 1. This is a competition in three thematic areas for children who study in educational institutions of all types, including for children with disabilities and disabilities, left without parental care, caught in a difficult life situation.

The Olympiad is aimed at identifying, supporting and developing abilities and talents in children, their self-determination and professional orientation, supporting school public associations, school sports clubs.

We strive to maximize the opportunities for children to reveal their talents — through a new infrastructure — today a network of 9 48 Point of Growth centers operates in the country, 135 Quantorium children’s technoparks, 30 mobile and 48 school Quantoriums, 48 «IT-cube» centers, 30 » Houses of scientific collaboration”, regional centers for gifted children. And, of course, through the support of contests, competitions and olympiads. We have the largest Olympiad movement and the All-Russian Grand Olympiad will strengthen this development , — commented the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.

The All-Russian Grand Olympiad will be held annually in three areas at once: «Art», «Technology» and «Sport».

The final of the competition 2022 of the year will be held at the Artek International Children’s Center at the end of the year.

Photos and materials: press service of ICC Artek.

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