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The first group of mobilized Yalta residents left the recruiting station for Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The first group of mobilized Yalta residents left the recruiting station for Sevastopol, where they will undergo combat coordination. Yalta residents were seen off by relatives and friends, as well as the leadership of Yalta.

At all times, great Russia could unite and repel any impending threat thanks to precisely such sons of the Fatherland as you. These are not big words — the blood of the Winners really flows in our veins. This is the blood of a multinational people who live as a friendly family! He honors his ancestors and his history. So it was, so it is, and so it will always be! I sincerely thank you for your courage! And this is a difficult time for all of us — a test of courage, strength. And we will all get through it with dignity! Victory Day — no one will ever take away from us. It was won at a great price by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers! Today they are with them, our guardian angels!!! And we will defend our right to exist under a peaceful sky!!! As the head of the administration I say: I am proud of you! As a wife, mother and sister, I ask you to return home safe and sound and with victory as soon as possible, — the head of the administration of Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko, said at the wires.

The head of the Yalta administration also said that a “military brotherhood” association was created for the relatives of the mobilized, the Yalta administration collects contacts of relatives and close military personnel in order to be always in touch with them.

Today I am overwhelmed with pride that Yalta residents are real men who go to defend their homeland and their families, so that we live in peace and harmony, and our city, our Crimea, our Great country Russia will always developed and flourished! Proud of each of you! I am sure that in the very near future you will all return to your families as real heroes.

A low bow to you and words of the most sincere gratitude for your courage, patriotism and readiness to pay your debt to the Motherland! Victory will definitely be ours , — said the Head of the Municipal Formation of the Yalta City District — Chairman of the Yalta City Council Konstantin Shimanovsky.

Alexander Kravchenko, a member of the special military operation, an employee of the Yalta city administration, addressed with parting words.

Now you are waiting for the so-called «training school», where you have to hone your skills. Your future depends on it. Look at all four sides and remember that they are waiting for you at home , — the participant of the CBO emphasized.

Before departure, a prayer service was held by the Dean of the Churches of the Yalta District, Archpriest Adam, who also sprinkled the defenders with holy water and handed icons of Alexander Nevsky — for protection in military affairs.

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Source: Department of Information Policy of the Administration of the City of Yalta

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