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The harvest season has begun in Sevastopol's Zolotaya Balka

The harvest season has begun in Sevastopol's Zolotaya Balka

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The harvest season has begun in the vineyards of Zolotaya Balka. Right now, winegrowers are harvesting Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to create classic sparkling wines.

Harvesting is closely monitored by the Zolotaya Balka laboratory: before the berries are plucked, they must reach the ideal phenolic maturity, gain an impeccable sugar level — be absolutely ripe, ready to become new wine— reported the press service of the winery «Zolotaya Balka».

The Balaklava terroir is conditionally divided into five macroclimatic zones, each of which has its own temperature regimes and its own soil composition; they have different heights above sea level, and each has its own wind rose. For each variety growing in the valley, Zolotaya Balka’s agronomists selected the best conditions for it — those where the berries would be able to reveal their character to the maximum. Since 2016, Zolotaya Balka has been renovating vineyards: old non-fruitful vines are being replaced with young and promising ones. For several years, specialists have renewed vines in more than half of the plots. The harvest will continue until late autumn.

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