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The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov is in the top of the most quoted governors of Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov took fifth place in the media rating of the most cited governors of Russia for the 2021 year. The results of the rating are published on the website of the information and analytical system «Medialogy».

Sergey Aksyonov entered the top five most cited Russian governors thanks to the citation index 905 840,0 (137 messages). Also, the most quoted governors were: Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, whose media index was 4 563 22,0 (581 61 messages), Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov with a citation index of 1 963 406,8 (197 205 messages), as well as the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov with index 1 756 205,8 (331 340 messages).

The Medialogy website states that several publications by Sergei Aksyonov have become the most cited. In particular, the message that the Crimean authorities declared a state of emergency on a regional scale after heavy rains that caused significant flooding. In addition, Sergei Aksyonov’s order was cited to quickly restore the infrastructure of cities and regions of the peninsula affected by flooding. The damage from heavy rainfall and flooding in the Crimea, according to preliminary data, amounted to about , 5 billion rubles.

Also, the media quoted statements by the Head of the Republic that the authorities of the peninsula would turn to the federal center for help to compensate for the damage to residents of flooded cities and regions, and that June in the Republic of Crimea will begin payment of compensation for damage to residents affected by the disaster.

In addition, Sergei Aksenov instructed to conduct an internal investigation against the Minister of Culture of the Republic, Arina Novoselskaya, who cursed during a video conference call.

The media also reported on the statement of the Head of Crimea regarding the unauthorized and outrageous decision of the court in Amsterdam on Scythian gold and the collection of Crimean museums, Sergey Aksenov called the court decision political and said that the struggle for the return of museum valuables would continue.

REFERENCE. Medialogia is an independent, non-media-asset research company based on information technology, specializing in real-time media analysis. The basis for building the rating was the citation index of «Medialogy». The rating is based on the media database of the Medialogy system, which includes more than 61 thousand sources: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, online media. The rating is calculated according to the Russian media.

Source: Department of Information and Press Services of the Head of the Republic of Crimea

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