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The history of the airport in Zhukovsky

The history of the airport in Zhukovsky

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The city of Zhukovsky is known throughout the world as a center for aviation research and the aerospace industry. The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute is located here, major aviation exhibitions and shows are held, including the annual International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS).

One of the important federal facilities is also located in Zhukovsky — an international airport that accepts aircraft of any type without restrictions. For the convenience of passengers, hotels have been built where you can wait for your flight or stay upon arrival. So, hotel Gipnoz near Zhukovsky provides an opportunity to pay for accommodation not only by the day, but also by hourly rates. This allows passengers, in case of a flight delay or postponement, to have a little rest during the day or stay overnight, rather than waiting at the airport for several hours.

The opening of the airport took place just a few years ago. But he did not appear out of nowhere. Let’s find out what is the history of the creation of the Zhukovsky airport, where the past, present and future of Russian aviation met.

Aircraft Center

The city was not named in vain in honor of the great aircraft designer, who stood at the origins of the Russian aircraft industry. And the history of the airport begins in the first half of the 20th century, when a unique research base appeared on this territory. The TsAGI building, built in the 1930s, became the core of the future aviation complex. On its sites, experiments on aerodynamics were carried out, as well as testing of prototypes in the aviation field.

At the beginning of 1941, a flight test institute also started operating in the city and more open space was needed for aircraft testing. It was then that an airfield was built between Ramenskoye and Zhukovsky. During the Great Patriotic War, combat aircraft and developments of military aviation equipment were tested at the airfield. It was a period of intense scientific and technological development, which later formed the basis of many achievements in aviation.

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After the war, the airfield remained a test site. In the 80s, it gained fame as a starting point for the delivery of the Buran spacecraft to Baikonur by the unique VM-T aircraft. Also, the airfield was used for regular horizontal flight tests, which were carried out using Buran prototypes.

International Aviation Salon

With the fall of the Soviet era, the airfield was abandoned for some time, and since 1993 it has become a venue for MAKS, where the latest achievements in the aviation and aerospace industries are demonstrated annually, as well as representatives of leading companies and experts from different countries meet. Within the framework of the salon, conferences, seminars and scientific forums are held, where scientists and engineers share their research.

During the international air show, impressive aviation performances take place, which allows viewers to see high-tech aircraft in action and the skills of top-level pilots. MAKS draws attention to aviation achievements and technical breakthroughs, and emphasizes the importance of the development of this industry.

Construction of the international airport

The airfield reconstruction project appeared in 2014 with the aim of combining civil and experimental types of aviation. As a result, a passenger terminal was built on the territory of the airfield with the formation of all auxiliary services for receiving aircraft with passengers. The official opening of the Zhukovsky airport took place in 2016. But the development of the terminal continues. The capacity is being increased, a hotel and a shopping center are being built on the territory of the airport.

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