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The Internet is down in Crimea. Operator Miranda Media reports a powerful DDoS attack

The Internet is down in Crimea. Operator Miranda Media reports a powerful DDoS attack

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Internet provider Miranda-Media (the main one in Crimea) has been detecting a massive DDoS attack from Ukrainian hackers since the morning, which has led to temporary unavailability of services. This is reported in Telegram channel companies.

The digital services operator Miranda Media has been recording an unprecedented level of DDoS attacks from Ukrainian hacker groups since 09:05 on October 27, 2023. As a result, there is a temporary unavailability of the services of Miranda-Media, Krymtelecom and MirTelecom.the message says.

All technical and IT services of the company have been placed on high alert.

Miranda-Media LLC provides access to the Internet using its own data transmission channels. The company has its own fiber-optic network in the Republic of Crimea with a length of more than 4 thousand km. Works in Crimea and Sevastopol. Since 2023, it has been providing mobile operator services on the peninsula.

DDoS attack is a hacker attack carried out simultaneously from a large number of computers on system resources (servers). Hackers pre-scan the selected network using specially prepared scripts that identify potentially weak nodes. Selected nodes are attacked and the attacker gains administrative rights to them. Trojan programs are installed on captured nodes and run in the background. Now these computers are called zombie computers; their users do not even suspect that they are potential participants in a DDoS attack. Next, the attacker sends certain commands to the captured computers, and they, in turn, carry out a collective DoS attack on the target computer. A large influx of users leads to exceeding the permissible load on the server and, consequently, a denial of service to some of them.

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