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The Kremlin assured that Putin monitors the prices of vital products

The Kremlin assured that Putin monitors the prices of vital products

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is monitoring the situation around prices for vital products, including bread, said press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

At the briefing, he was asked to comment on publications about the imminent increase in the price of bread due to the increase in fuel prices, and was asked if the country’s leadership was following the situation.

The topic related to prices is constantly in the President’s field of vision, and he constantly discusses it with the government.Peskov replied. — Yes, there are certain inflationary processes, although inflation is now slightly above the target level. Nevertheless, we are talking about a fairly low level of inflation.

In August, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation twice commented on reports of a likely increase in the price of bread. August 21 department predictedthat the increase in bread prices in 2023 will not exceed the level of general inflation. According to the ministry, the current increase in grain prices will not affect the cost of bread, since «the main share of production costs in this segment falls on other components, including electricity, logistics, equipment components.»

Based on materials Interfax.

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