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The memory of the victims of the deportation of the German people was honored in Simferopol

The memory of the victims of the deportation of the German people was honored in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Today in the Botanical Garden named after N.V. Bagrov of the Crimean Federal University held an event dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Deportation of the German People from Crimea. The Chairman of the State Committee for Interethnic Relations of the Republic of Crimea Aider Tippa, his deputy Ruslan Yakubov, the Chairman of the Committee of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea for Public Diplomacy and Interethnic Relations Yuri Gempel, Advisor to the Head of the Administration of Simferopol Islyam Useinov, representatives of government services and departments came to lay flowers and honor the memory of the victims of forced eviction , leaders of national-cultural autonomies and the clergy, as well as residents and guests of the city.

In 2014, after the return of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation, the President of our country issued a Decree “On measures for the rehabilitation of the Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Crimean Tatar and German peoples and state support for their revival and development.” In addition, new social facilities are being built for rehabilitated peoples, including housing stock, kindergartens and much more.— shared Yuri Gempel.

The Germans became the first people to be deported from the Crimean peninsula on August 18, 1941. According to official data, in 1941 more than 60,000 Germans and their families were deported from Crimea.

Today is a tragic date that has affected the German people. Our task is to remember, honor and pass on to the younger generation the true story of past events so that this does not happen again. Today we see the development and preservation of the culture of many rehabilitated peoples. In addition, a number of events are held on the territory of Simferopol with the participation and cooperation of national-cultural autonomies. In turn, the city administration provides assistance and support in organizing and holding various interethnic events— said Islyam Useinov.

As part of the mourning ceremony, the participants laid flowers at the memorial and honored the memory of the victims of repression with a minute of silence.

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The memory of the victims of the deportation of the German people was honored in Simferopol

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