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The new building of the Crimean Federal University is expected to be completed by the end of 2025

The new building of the Crimean Federal University is expected to be completed by the end of 2025

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the Crimean Federal University, reconstruction of the building of the new building of the Institute of Economics and Management is underway, which is planned to be commissioned by December 2025. The dismantling of the old building and the unfinished extension has already been completed at the site; builders are working on installing sheet piling fencing.

The peculiarity is that we have cramped conditions on the land plot allocated for construction; the site is saturated with engineering communications that require reconstruction. We are located in the city center with heavy traffic, at the intersection of Sevastopolskaya and Subkhi streets, where paid parking for city vehicles is available. In the zone of influence from the construction is the neighboring building of the Federal Treasury Department, which is currently undergoing major repairs. As of today, the installation of sheet piling is being completed, and we are starting to construct the foundation for the monolithic slab of the future building,” notes Sergei Panin, the responsible foreman of the construction site.

The new building of the Crimean Federal University is planned to be completed by the end of 2025

Sheet piling serves to ensure soil stability when constructing a pit. Sheets with a diameter of more than half a meter are immersed into the ground by drilling to a depth of 7-9 meters and additionally filled with concrete. On the side of Sevastopolskaya Street, where the existing building of the Federal Treasury Department is too close, the sheet pile was installed using directional static indentation to a depth of 11 meters to avoid underground vibrations. This design solution will help prevent soil shifts and destruction of neighboring buildings. Special marks are installed on them, and geodetic monitoring is carried out to track ground movements and record the slightest changes.

The total construction area of ​​the new educational building will be 7785 m². In accordance with the project, the building will have 5-6 floors, which will be arranged in a cascade, organically fitting into the existing classical architecture of the street. The building will have two entrances: the main one (from the side of Sevastopolskaya Street) and an additional one (from the side of Subkhi Street).

The building is designed for 720 students. Of this number of students, 2.7% are provided for the low-mobility group of the population. Everything that is required for comfortable training of this group of citizens will be provided. These are ramps, wide corridors, wide flights of stairs with the ability to climb for such a group of citizens, sidewalks with a slope. The new building will house classrooms and lecture halls, a neuromarketing and behavioral economics laboratory, computer classes, recreation and self-study rooms, administrative and technical premises.notes Sergei Panin.

In addition, the contractor has laid down a project for landscaping the adjacent territory. The new building of the Institute of Economics and Management will be commissioned by the end of 2025.

source: KFU press service (photo: © Ilya Gogunsky / Press service of the Crimean Federal University)

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