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The police of Sevastopol warns: telephone scammers are nearby

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The police of Sevastopol note: cases of fraud against elderly citizens continue to be periodically recorded.

Recently, a 78-year-old local resident turned to the police after losing her savings after a telephone conversation with an attacker. The police found that an unknown man called the pensioner on her mobile phone, who introduced himself as a bank employee and reported unauthorized actions with the funds in the account. To “prevent money from being written off,” the stranger convinced the woman to transfer funds to the details he specified. The victim knew about this fraudulent scheme, but was taken by surprise by an unexpected call, proceeded to the bank branch and transferred more than two million rubles to the criminal in several transactions.— noted in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Sevastopol.

In another case, the attacker made a call to a 76-year-old woman and, introducing herself as her friend, reported that she had been in a traffic accident. Under the pretext of a ransom from criminal liability, she asked to transfer the funds through a courier. Misled, the victim gave the stranger one hundred thousand rubles.

According to these facts, the employees of the internal affairs bodies initiated criminal cases and take all necessary measures aimed at identifying and searching for criminals.

To avoid such crimes Sevastopol police asks to take precautions and inform relatives and friends, especially old age, about the need to comply with them. If you received a call from unknown persons who report problems with the funds in the account or claim that a member of your family got into an accident or was detained by law enforcement officers, and therefore needs money for exemption from liability, then you must immediately interrupt the conversation with stranger. To make sure that his words are not true, we recommend contacting relatives or a banking institution or reporting a suspicious call to the police by calling 102. In no case do not fulfill the requirements for transferring money to a “safe” account, establishing any mobile remote access offer and do not give money to attackers. Note that scammers know banking terminology, and can also imitate the sounds of a bank call center, have some information about you and your family (for example, contact by name and patronymic, know about the ownership of a vehicle). Sometimes, posing as law enforcement officers, the attackers insist on not disclosing the call to employees of financial institutions and the police, accusing them of bad faith, and also threaten criminal prosecution for “refusal to cooperate.” However, it should be remembered that the real representatives of banks and law enforcement officers (who pretend to be swindlers) do not require the transfer of money to “reserve” accounts, they do not force the transfer of material assets under the pretext of paying off a relative. Only scammers can make such claims over the phone.

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If you have suffered from a crime, then you must immediately contact the nearest territorial unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or report this by calling 102.

source: press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Sevastopol (based on the materials of the legal adviser of the legal group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Leninsky district Dmitry Obelov)

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