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The price of the Zelenskys’ apartment in southern coastal Livadia is 24 million rubles. Anyone want to buy?

The price of the Zelenskys’ apartment in southern coastal Livadia is 24 million rubles. Anyone want to buy?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the session of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, deputies made changes to Resolution No. 2085-6/14 dated April 30, 2014 “On issues of property management of the Republic of Crimea.” The amendments concern clarification of the composition of previously nationalized property of citizens and states committing unfriendly actions towards Russia. Yes, yes, and about the apartment (apartments) of the Zelensky family in the southern coastal Livadia — these are precisely the changes.

We agreed on the alienation of a number of objects, including residential premises, including Elena Zelenskaya’s apartment (its market value is approximately 23,900,000 rubles), objects of the sanatorium and resort industry, retail and commercial premises. As for the Zelenskys’ apartment, we have a proposal to create a museum of the fight against Nazism in it. We recommend that the new owner take care of this issue.said the speaker of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

According to him, among the objects that will soon be put up for auction, there is also real estate belonging to large enterprises, such as Novacenter. Now its cost is estimated by experts at approximately 350,600,000 rubles.

I would like to emphasize that the transition to new owners will not affect the work of this and other enterprises or their teams. Moreover, I am convinced that after the transfer of facilities to Russian owners, working conditions for people will only become betternoted Konstantinov.

As for the “Zelensky apartment” in the elite residential complex “Emperor” (Yalta, Livadia), the Crimean authorities nationalized it back in May last year. Elena Zelenskaya purchased this living space of 130 square meters in 2013 from former Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexander Buryak for almost 164 thousand dollars (at the current exchange rate — almost 16 million rubles). Time passes, real estate on the South Coast is only increasing in price…

The price of the Zelenskys’ apartment in southern coastal Livadia is 24 million rubles. Anyone want to buy?

The protracted pause in sales is most likely explained simply. The authorities have not decided what to do with these apartments. Konstantinov’s idea with a museum… In theory it’s not bad, in practice, will this “excursion object” be in demand, and a museum with visitors on one of the floors of a residential building is not a good idea. Give the apartment to large families? Where is the criterion for who is worthy? There are a lot of large families in Crimea (and quite decent ones). “Distribution” will cause negativity. There was an opinion (voiced by Aksenov) to give the deceased Kirill Stremousov to the family… But would the Stremousov family itself (by the way with many children) want to live in the apartment of a “bloody clown” and, in one way or another, the culprit of all the troubles and misfortunes of this family and millions of other Ukrainians…

The apartments in southern coastal Livadiya have one serious drawback: the previous owner…

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