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The regional conference “Family and Inclusive Society” took place in Sevastopol

The regional conference “Family and Inclusive Society” took place in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The conference “Family and Inclusive Society”, dedicated to International Family Day, brought together the heads of the city’s educational institutions, parents raising children with disabilities, as well as government officials.

There are millions of people living in the world with various characteristics of physical and mental development. Like everyone else, they should be able to fully participate in society. Every year, more and more children with different developmental disabilities come to study in educational institutions in our city, for whom conditions for equal access to quality education are created. Today, 4,740 disabled children and children with limited health abilities are studying in educational organizations in Sevastopol. During the conference, we told parents about the possibilities of building an individual development trajectory for each child. At the event, there were consultation points where parents were able to receive individual advice on interacting with special children. Sometimes parents have certain difficulties due to lack of knowledge. While parents were looking for answers to their pressing questions, a separate play area was created for children, where specialized specialists worked with them, — quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol and. O. Director of the Department of Education and Science Maxim Krivonos.

Thematic sections played an important role in the conference agenda:

  • inclusive educational vertical: technologies and successful practices in preschool, general and vocational education;
  • partnership between educational organizations and the parent community in creating conditions for students with disabilities and/or disabilities in the educational space of Sevastopol;
  • current issues of psychological and pedagogical support for students with special educational needs and their families in the conditions of inclusive education.
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There was also an exhibition of special equipment and literature.

Recently, opportunities for children with disabilities and children with developmental disabilities have greatly expanded. There are a lot of additional education clubs that children can attend after school hours. There are quite a few platforms for parents to discuss jointly with specialists. There are parent clubs based in kindergartens and schools, where parents can share advice with each other and get the competent opinion of a specialist. Every educational institution in the city is ready to accept a child with special educational needs.says Deputy Director of the Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance Maria Sapsaeva.

During the event, the winners of the city family creativity competition for children with disabilities and children with disabilities “Spring Fantasy” were also awarded; this year 56 families took part in it.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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