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The restoration of the Khan's Palace is undergoing delays, but there are many finds

The restoration of the Khan's Palace is undergoing delays, but there are many finds

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The restoration of the Khan’s palace in Bakhchisarai will be completed in 2025 due to the need to museumify numerous artifacts discovered on the territory of the palace complex, they reported TASS at the regional Ministry of Culture.

About the finds

Among the most interesting results of archaeological research are the ruins on the territory of the Persian Garden, including a bathhouse from the Khan period, and sections of the water supply and drainage system. On the territory of the Harem Garden, the remains of a building that was destroyed as a result of a fire that previously occurred during the campaign of the Russian Field Marshal Minikh to Bakhchisarai in 1736 were uncovered.

Yakunina also recalled that the ruins of one of the buildings are presumably identified as the Persian Palace, known from cartographic materials of the 18th century. Ceramics, smoking pipes, and coins from the period of the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire were discovered.

The emerging collection of artifacts promises to become a benchmark for studying the history of Crimea during the Crimean Khanateemphasizes the Deputy Minister.

The found artifacts are at the stage of processing and systematization, after which they will be transferred for storage to the Bakhchisarai Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, which includes the Khan’s Palace complex.

The palace complex was built in the 16th century; its total area was previously more than 14 hectares, not counting the park; now it is no more than 4 hectares. It was the residence of the rulers of the Crimean Khanate in the 16th-18th centuries. The palace was looted and destroyed at various times. The winter palace, three of the four harem buildings, five marble baths have not reached our time, and palace utensils have been stolen.

Restoration work on the territory of the complex began in 2018; it was completed on 6 of the 16 objects of the complex. The total amount of financing is 3.593 billion rubles. Overall construction readiness is 72%.​​​​​

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