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The road to Ai-Petri from Yalta was blocked

KrymPRESS reports:

From Sokolinoy’s side, it has been closed for a long time.

Fans of active winter recreation are shocked — you can’t drive on Ai-Petri today.

Can anyone reasonably explain why the entrance to Ai-Petri has been closed for many years, for everyone, not only for “summer tires”, but this year the cable car was also closed. What is this for ? They don’t make any improvements for civilized access, they just demolish the cafe and close the entrance from all sides. Nothing has been built in terms of a winter resort in 8 years, why? Is this not a winter resort? And what is it then? — a cry from the heart from the VKontakte group OVERHEARD YALTA .

It’s hard to disagree. One «BUT». The road from Sokolinogon on the Ai-Petri plateau has been blocked for a long time, and, alas, this is not a road at all, but an obstacle course. Repair is promised, and capital, but, as they say, not now. But from the side of Yalta, the overlap is temporary. It’s been too much snow. In the morning it was difficult to drive there even in full drive.

And here is the official information:

GKU RK «Road Service of the Republic of Crimea» warns Crimeans and guests of the peninsula about the restriction of traffic from February 3 2023 year on the highway «Yalta — Uchan-Su — Ai-Petri Plateau» in both directions, due to deteriorating weather conditions. Traffic is temporarily restricted for all motor vehicles while the road is cleared of snow and until weather conditions improve.

We also remind you that the road to the Ai-Petri plateau from Bakhchisaray is closed in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Crimea. Traffic is temporarily suspended for all types of vehicles.

We recommend that you follow the traffic information and refrain from traveling by private car unprepared for winter weather conditions.

What conclusion follows. The road from Yalta to Ai-Petri will be cleared and opened … But not for everyone. Restrictions apply there every winter: off-road vehicles, four-wheel drive cars, cars with wheels equipped with chains pass through without any problems … And in general, it’s been checked, whoever really needs to go to Ai-Petri will pass. Options…many.

And on Ai-Petri today … Beauty. Comfortable «minus» 5 and a lot of snow!

2023Photo: VK, Ai-Petri, 52 km2023

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