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The Sevastopol ambulance center is trying to resolve the personnel issue

The Sevastopol ambulance center is trying to resolve the personnel issue

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The team of the Center for Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine notes «Sevastopol newspaper»replenished by graduates of the Sevastopol Medical College named after Zhenya Deryugina:

The chief ambulance doctor, Dmitry Evdokimov, called the personnel issue an eternal one, especially in Sevastopol. According to him, today the staffing level for paramedics is 75%, for doctors a little less — 74.8%. The institution is trying to attract graduates of the Sevastopol Medical College to work, inviting students, starting from the first year, to practice. Another format of work is volunteering — from time to time, about 20 medical students at different substations help doctors provide medical care. There are also quarterly meetings with students of different courses, as well as targeted training.

So, last year six “target workers” came to work at the Sevastopol Ambulance Station, and this year it is planned to accept even more.

D. Evdokimov spoke about the medical institution’s desire to create good conditions for young specialists — graduates of the Sevastopol Medical College. As for doctors, according to the head physician, resumes from medical workers in other regions are actively considered.

They are trying to attract people with a salary, which, according to the manager, is higher than the average for the Southern Federal District. True, he did not name specific numbers.

He named the new substations that have already been commissioned or will be commissioned in the near future, the openness and friendliness of the workforce, and the full availability of equipment and service vehicles as another attractive point.

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According to D. Evdokimov, the Fiolentovskaya ambulance substation (located in the area of ​​the Pyatnitsky farm) is now operating as a base point without connection to central utility networks. The reason is that the networks will be built together with the medical cluster.

As an example of solving a personnel issue, the manager presented Elena Taran, a graduate of Sevastopol Medical College in 2023, and now an ambulance paramedic.

The girl has been working in the ambulance for more than three months. She says that she chose the profession of a paramedic out of reasons of interest and a desire to gain medical experience, which you cannot get to such an extent in any other medical institution. Another “pro” for choosing a future profession was my grandmother, who worked as a pediatrician all her life.

E. Taran also dreams of becoming a resuscitator, although with the caveat that he will still return to work as an ambulance.

The workload here is, of course, heavy, but the work still brings pleasure, there are many interesting cases, and patients are always waiting and hoping for us. Each of our trips is almost always saving someone’s life, – E. Taran shared.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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