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The Social Fund of Russia (SFR) warns: beware, scammers!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Social Fund of Russia (SFR) reminds you of simple precautions that will help you avoid the tricks of scammers:

  • if you receive a call claiming to be an employee of the Social Fund, do not disclose your personal information. Fund specialists never ask for SNILS, passport details, bank card number, its PIN code or password from your personal account. If you are asked to provide such information by phone, most likely they are scammers.
  • attackers can offer an increase in pensions, legal assistance with registration of services or recalculation of payments. Sometimes pseudo-specialists report reconciliation of data for the calculation of certain benefits. The Social Fund strongly recommends not to trust dubious calls and, if fraud is suspected, immediately stop further communication.

The Social Fund specialists also do not go from house to house offering pension services. If such uninvited guests knocked on your house and introduced themselves as employees of the Social Fund, you should be wary. Remember, the fund provides all services in its client services and online through the public services portal. And he always does it for free. Payments are provided after the application is submitted or automatically, based on the data available to the fund.

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