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The staircase on the Sevastopol Tsarskoye Beach was restored with your own hands

The staircase on the Sevastopol Tsarskoye Beach was restored with your own hands

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The staircase on Tsarskoe Beach on Fiolent, damaged by a landslide in 2021, was repaired by community members. They cleared the beach, so beloved by the people of Sevastopol.

Information about this appeared on Elena Kirsanova’s page on the social network, with great gratitude to Maxim Ivanov, his friend and Denis, as well as all caring townspeople who took part in this good and useful deed.

«Sevastopol newspaper» I talked to the guys about their initiative. First of all, M. Ivanov said that the restored staircase was not just the work of him and his friend. Many Sevastopol residents took part in the renovation, who love to relax on Tsarskoe Beach in the summer and advocate for this place to remain clean and attractive for locals and visitors, of whom there are a lot on Fiolent in the summer.

People have been coming here for decades, plus apartments have appeared where tourists live, who, by the way, are promised proximity and accessibility to a wild beach,” explained M. Ivanov.

When getting down to business, social activists were well aware that given the lack of official status for the beach, there was no point in hoping to restore the stairs at state expense, and therefore there was simply no other way than to take up the matter themselves.

They were immediately supported by other residents of this part of Fiolent. They helped in whatever way they could: someone dug the ground, cleared the stairs from the consequences of collapses, others started welding metal structures, someone helped with a board, someone with metal… There is no need to seriously talk about any kind of financing, everything that was required construction, purchased together.

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However, old material was also used during construction, so some of the surviving steps were left unchanged, while the lost ones were replaced and covered with wooden boards on top. Work began in 2022, continued in the past, and completed this year.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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