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The Sudak Historical Museum offers free excursions in memory of the feat of paratroopers in 1942

The Sudak Historical Museum offers free excursions in memory of the feat of paratroopers in 1942

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Sudak Historical Museum hosts free thematic excursions “Memory Watch. Glory to the Sudak landing!” Visitors are told about the feat of the paratroopers in 1942. At the same time, tourists can look at old photographs, copies of archival documents and military artifacts. This is reported by Tourist portal of Crimea.

The Sudak landing operation took place on January 6-27, 1942. Soldiers from the 226th and 554th mountain rifle regiments took part in it. They were supposed to provide support to the main forces of the Kerch-Feodosia operation. The Soviet paratroopers located behind enemy lines held the defense for 12 days. When the enemy went on the offensive, many soldiers died, and more than 800 people were captured. The surviving soldiers joined the partisans and continued the fight against the Nazis.

The program includes a visit to the memorial exhibition “Glory to the Landing!”, consisting of several thematic blocks: the pre-war era in Sudak, the period of fascist occupation, the history of the Sudak partisan detachment, the chronology of the military operations of the Sudak landing of 1942, the liberation of Sudak on April 14, 1944— said the museum.

Visitors can see old photographs. They show paratroopers and those who liberated Sudak from the Nazis in 1944, as well as participants in the Crimean partisan movement. In addition, copies of archival documents and objects from the Great Patriotic War, which were discovered by search engines at battlefields, are presented.

Here you can also watch a film showing the landing sites of the paratroopers and telling the chronology of the military operation.

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Thematic excursions take place every day until January 28 inclusive. Time: 10:00 and 14:00. The visit is free. Address: Sudak, st. Embankment, 11.

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