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The swimming season in Sevastopol will begin on June 15. 24 beaches will be open

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Officially, the swimming season this year starts June and will last until September . Officially will work 24 the beach. At the same time, the City Government warns:

The landslide situation is still on the Vasili beach, and due to safety requirements it will not work. «City» and «Marble» are excluded from the list based on the results of laboratory tests conducted by the FBUZ «Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol», a significant excess of bacteriological indicators was established.

In addition, access to the Ushakova Balka beach will be closed, and it will not be possible to get to the territory of the Khrustalny beach from : 00 before 05: 00.

There have been a lot of questions about beach closures lately. For example, at Ushakova Balka, the situation has escalated and many do not understand what is happening. Now a special military operation is underway and we must not forget that Sevastopol is the main base of the Black Sea Fleet. Responsible law enforcement agencies are taking measures, which I cannot speak about in detail and for obvious reasons. As soon as it is possible to soften the regime, we will do it instantly , — Mikhail Razvozhaev explains.

As part of preparations for the swimming season, beach operators are carrying out landscaping, safety measures and a mandatory certification procedure in the GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Rospotrebnadzor.

Купальный сезон в Севастополе начнётся 15 июня. Будут работать 24 пляжа

An important requirement that beach operators must fulfill is to ensure the safety of vacationers. To do this, video surveillance cameras, warning systems, rescue towers and medical posts should be installed, the bottom should be surveyed and the work of rescuers should be ensured.

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A complete list of official beaches: «Soldatsky», «Cape Crystal», «Nakhimovets», «Sand», «Omega», «Aquamarine», «Victory Park», «Yashmovy», «Andreevka», «Orlovka-1″, » Golden», «Our Sail», «Elm Grove», «Star Coast», «Silver», «Solnechny», «Uchkuevka», boarding house «Izumrud», DOL «Alkadar», boarding house «Joy», GBOU DOTS «Laspi» «, SOL «Horizon», «Sand Bay», «Lyubimovka».

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