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The traffic police of Simferopol is holding a preventive event “Pedestrian! Crosswalk!»

The traffic police of Simferopol is holding a preventive event “Pedestrian! Crosswalk!»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In order to prevent road accidents involving pedestrians, from September 11 to 17, a preventive event “Pedestrian! Crosswalk!».

The State Traffic Inspectorate appeals to road users:

Drivers should be extremely careful in areas where pedestrians may appear on the roadway, near educational institutions, as well as in courtyards, and maintain a safe distance and speed limit.

Pedestrians should follow the rules of safe behavior on the road:

— cross the roadway only at a pedestrian crossing and only when the traffic light signal is weak, after first making sure of your safety;

— in the absence of sidewalks, move along illuminated sections of roads and only towards traffic;

— when moving in the dark or in conditions of insufficient visibility, give preference to light-colored clothing, use reflective elements, thanks to which pedestrians are visible on the road.

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