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The Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to launch a missile strike on Kerch and the Crimean Bridge. Reconnaissance in force?

The Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to launch a missile strike on Kerch and the Crimean Bridge. Reconnaissance in force?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It was loud in Kerch that night. Air defense systems were in full operation. And successfully. The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ missile attack was repulsed.

Over the past night, a number of attempts by the Kyiv regime to carry out terrorist attacks using American ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned boats against targets on the territory of the Russian Federation were stopped.

Duty air defense systems destroyed eight operational-tactical missiles over the Sea of ​​Azov and eight UAVs were intercepted over the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimean Peninsula.

In addition, duty fire weapons in the Black Sea destroyed two unmanned boats heading towards the Crimean Peninsulareported to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Everything is clear with Ukrainian BECs — sea drones. This “dancing” continues on the West Coast, near Uzkaya Bay. The boats of the Black Sea Fleet haunt the enemy, and the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet hits targets with enviable consistency. Sea pirates have been stopped.

The “sacred” goal of Kyiv is the Crimean Bridge. How many promises have already been made on the topic “Carthage must be destroyed,” but so far our hands are short. And we all understand that combined strikes (drones — air and sea, Western missiles) are the only way the enemy can achieve their goal. 8 missiles and 8 UAVs… Is it a lot or a little. That’s a lot for one night, of course… But for a full-fledged attack on the bridge? It’s very similar to “reconnaissance in force” — to find out where and how the air defense is working on us. It’s not for nothing that NATO reconnaissance planes fly over neutral waters 24 hours a day. In a word, we do not lose our vigilance. The attack was repulsed — great! But do not forget that the enemy can strike more insidiously and stronger.

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Kerchan was warned: fragments of downed missiles and even unexploded parts of ammunition could be found in the city. Don’t understand anything! Report findings to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The only “success” from the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ missile attack was the broken windows of the ferries at the Kerch crossing.

While repelling an enemy attack on the transport infrastructure of the city of Kerch, two ferries — a car and a railway — were damaged from the debris of downed missiles — the glazing of the superstructures was damaged. There were no casualties among sailors or civilians— in his Telegram channel said the Minister of Transport of Crimea Nikolai Lukashenko.

The minister clarified that the ferry crossing will resume operation after assessing the damage. Local residents were urged to remain calm and trust only verified information.

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