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Theater and gymnasium buildings are being renovated in Kerch

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Repair and restoration work continues at cultural heritage sites and cultural institutions in Kerch.

The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Crimea Tatyana Manezhina, together with the Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Republic Karlen Petrosyan, the head of the Directorate for Centralized Services and Development of Cultural Institutions Ilya Alymchev visited the Romanov Gymnasium.

Works to preserve the object of cultural heritage of regional importance are carried out under the state program of the Russian Federation «Socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol». The contract provides for strengthening the foundation, replacing engineering networks, internal floors, roof structures and roofing, installing a clock on the main tower, restoring decorative elements, lighting the building, landscaping the adjacent territory , the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea reported.

В Керчи ремонтируют здания театра и гимназии

In addition, the head of the republican department inspected the repair activities recently resumed at the Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin. The work is provided for by the state program «Socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol». Under the contract, engineering networks and communications will be modernized, the facade, roof, stairs and premises will be repaired, window frames and doors will be replaced. It is planned to improve the area adjacent to the theater building.

Currently, measures are being taken to strengthen the structures of the building. The work is being carried out in accordance with the schedule, no delays have been identified at the facility. Completion of works — the end 2023 of the year. It is also planned to carry out activities to modernize the stage and visual complex of the theater.

В Керчи ремонтируют здания театра и гимназии

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