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There are only 20 water tankers in Sevastopol

There are only 20 water tankers in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

We spoke in detail about the difficult situation with water supply in Sevastopol HERE. There is another “side of the coin” that causes massive complaints from citizens on social networks and by phone. This is the work of water carriers. And here (without making excuses for public utilities) it’s worth understanding a few numbers.

There are currently 20 water tankers operating in the city. This takes into account 6 vehicles that, at our request, were sent by the Council of Ministers of Crimea, and 8 vehicles allocated by the Ministry of Defense. I thank my colleagues for their support. Physically, such a number, of course, cannot approach all houses, so please follow the schedule and select the nearest streets to your addressessaid Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

On average, one water truck transports 5 cubic meters (5,000 liters) of water. In total, 20 water tankers (of which 6 are from Sevastopol Vodokanal itself) transport 100,000 liters. During the day, the machine makes three or four “walks” — which means we are talking about a maximum of 400,000 liters of water (“transported”). For the 400,000 population of Sevastopol… one liter per person. So optimism about such a water supply is, let’s say, restrained.

Moreover, there are a lot of complaints about the schedules and water supply points. The Governor advises:

Timely and up-to-date information on water supply is published in telegram channel Vodokanal.

Here is the latest information from the Vodokanal “cart”:

At 21-30 01/22/2024 water supply is carried out:

— tank trucks on site

  • st. Khrustaleva 131
  • Vakulenchuka street 53/3
  • SNT «Planer2» (Fiolent district)
  • st. Zhukova 102
  • Tokareva street 18
  • Kombriga Potapov str. 27
  • Kazachya street 58.62 near the BMP
  • 155-B Gen. Ostryakov Ave. near Kocherga
  • Simferopolskaya street 68
  • st. Gen.Melnik 1
  • st. Gagarina 18
  • village Pervomaika st. Razezdnaya
  • Kommunarov street 4
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Tank trucks refuel and leave

  • st. M. Krylova 8-A
  • Silaeva street 3
  • Khersonskaya st.
  • Umrikhina street
  • Novikova lane 17
  • October Revolution Ave. 56.48

All this clearly does not cover the entire city. To what extent will tomorrow’s announced points (14) of free games from Vodogray and bottled water from social activists and party members improve the situation… So the team of the Special Humanitarian Center of the Crimean Metropolis in Sevastopol distributed drinking water to people today…

There are only 20 water tankers in Sevastopol

In short, the most relevant call in Sevastopol today: There is an opportunity to help your neighbors with water — help.

The next 24 hours in Sevastopol will not be easy. Water supply (according to the most optimistic data) is planned to be established only by Wednesday evening.

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