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There are only nine of them: new objects that appeared on the real estate market of Sevastopol this year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Since the beginning of the year, 9 objects have been brought to the Sevastopol market (50.0% more than in the same period in 2022), or 0.6 thousand apartments with an area of ​​0.04 million m².

On average, since the beginning of 2023, 5 apartments have been brought to the regional market daily, which is 25% more than in 2022. While maintaining the same pace, 1.83 thousand apartments will be brought to the Sevastopol market in just a year. The area of ​​​​apartments in the objects withdrawn during the month increased by 263% compared to April 2022says Single resource for developers.

Sevastopol ranks 13th in the country in terms of the number of objects brought to the market per month, and 25th in terms of the area of ​​new objects. The region accounted for 0.9% of housing put on the market for the month.

Region houses Apartments Area, m²
Moscow 20 9 978 533 028
Moscow region 25 11 556 491 538
Novosibirsk region 38 7 971 342 150
Khabarovsk region 7 865 39 760
Sevastopol 9 607 37 541
Vladimir region 6 733 37 407
Saratov region 2 94 3 691
Arhangelsk region 1 35 1 696
Orenburg region 1 32 1474
Total 475 89 577 4 282 365

Among the identified developers (groups of companies), most of all new objects on the market of Sevastopol brought Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders of Sevastopol (7 objects).

TOP developers (groups of companies) by area of ​​new facilities in April 2023 in Sevastopol

No. Developer houses Apartments Area, m²
1 Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders of Sevastopol 7 382 21 546
2 THALASSA 1 141 12 490
3 building kit 1 84 3 505
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* as of 05/02/2023, calculations — according to the date of publication of the first project declaration based on the results of the PD monitoring conducted by the ERZ.RF portal

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