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There will be no tunnels under the Kerch Strait. Dot

There will be no tunnels under the Kerch Strait. Dot

CrimeaPRESS reports:

There is no need for the construction of an underground tunnel across the Kerch Strait, which was previously discussed in the media, although the technical possibility of implementing such a project exists. About this in an interview «Vesti-Crimea«said the Head of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov.

Maybe these ideas could have been implemented at the start; I studied some of the projects myself. Now there is no need for this, the Crimean Bridge is sufficiently protected. There is a possibility of implementation, I studied the technology, but now there is no point in building a duplicate version at all,” Aksyonov noted.

He added that the implementation of such a project might have been relevant before the start of a special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

If before the SVO it had been prepared as some kind of element, then perhaps it would have been redundant given the measures that are being taken. Now there is definitely no point, the NWO will end with the goals outlined by the leader, and after that there will definitely be no need for a tunnelhe explained.

Let us remind you, in November 2023, the American newspaper Washington Post reported that Moscow and Beijing allegedly discussed plans to build a tunnel under the Kerch Strait that would be protected from Ukrainian attacks. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov named This statement is nonsense. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied this information. The head of Crimea Aksyonov also called the publication disinformation and joked that it was not a tunnel, but a teleportation terminal. Nevertheless, the topic is widely known, so the Head of the Republic had to once again state: there will be no tunnels under the Kerch Strait. Dot.

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