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Toretskoye direction. Successful advancement of the RF Armed Forces. Map of the SVO

Toretskoye direction. Successful advancement of the RF Armed Forces. Map of the SVO

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Map of SVO - New York

Map of SVO — New York

Toretskoye direction. The Russian Armed Forces continue their successful advance in the Toretsk direction. In the central part of New York (Novgorodskoye), Russian forces have taken control of three streets in a section up to 700 meters wide and up to 1.3 km deep. Pressure continues in the direction of Pochtovaya and Zheleznaya streets. There are successes in the suburbs of the villages of Druzhba, Severnoye, Yuzhnoye, Leninskoye and Kirovo. Aviation is striking positions in Novgorodskoye and Toretsk.

  • Evgenovka: The Russian Armed Forces have expanded their zone of control to the south and southwest of Voskhod, fighting for the eastern part of the village. The central part of Yevgenovka remains in the gray zone. The enemy’s positions are located near the western outskirts. The Russian Armed Forces are advancing toward Progress.
  • Novoselovka First: The Russian Armed Forces have advanced from the north to the outskirts of the village. There is no confirmation yet about the occupation of the fortified area «Kotik», covering Novoselovka Pervaya. The advancement in the direction of the road to Zhelannoye continues, creating a threat of encirclement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces garrison.
  • Ocheretino: To the north of Ocheretino, positional battles are underway in the area of ​​Kalinovo and Rozovka. There is no significant progress, but one can expect a quick revival of the front section in light of the growing problems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in New York.

Pokrovskoe direction

Map of SVO - Pokrovskoe direction

Map of SVO — Pokrovskoe direction

Heavy fighting continues to the east of Lozovatskoye, in Yevgenovka and on the outskirts of Novoselovka Pervaya. Northwest of Novoselovka Pervaya, Russian troops are advancing towards the road, which is about 900 meters away.

Kharkiv direction

The intensity of military actions remains high near Glubokoye and in Vovchansk. Heavy fighting for control over multi-story buildings is underway in Vovchansk. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to transport forces from the southern bank. In Glubokoye, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are pulling together reserves and attacking the positions of the Russian Armed Forces with strike drones. There have been no changes to the line of contact. Slow but successful movement forward is underway in the Kupyansk sector. The enemy is unsuccessfully trying to counterattack in small groups. The Russian Armed Forces are consolidating in the Tabayevka-Peschanoy-Berestovoye triangle. We are waiting for confirmation of the consolidation in Peschanoye, which is in the gray zone. There are also successes in Stelmakhovka.

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Donetsk direction

Tactical successes in this direction are beginning to turn into operational ones. Pressure is being exerted in at least three directions. In the area of ​​Krasnogorovka and Paraskoviyevka, the RF Armed Forces have local successes.

Avdeevka direction

Heavy fighting on the outskirts of Karlovka. The village has to be stormed from one direction due to the dense mining of the other approaches. The Russian Armed Forces are attacking Novoselovka Pervaya from the south, east and north, trying to cut off the route to Zhelanne.

Kherson direction

Fighting continues on the islands. Drone operators have targeted several locations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Zaporizhzhya direction

Positional battles continue. Mortar fire is reported to have almost ceased, as the Russian Armed Forces have knocked out the enemy’s guns.

South Donetsk section

Positional battles are taking place in Urozhainoye and north of Staromayorskoye. No changes.

Artemovsk direction

Active combat operations are unfolding on the flanks north and south of the Kanal Chasov Yara microdistrict. There is no progress, most likely this is an improvement in the tactical situation.

Severskoye and Krasnolimanskoye directions

Positional battles continue without significant changes.

Map of military operations of the SVO

Map of military operations of the SVO 11.07.24 today, online

According to the portal;

Materials from TG » were used.Fisherman» and «Military Chronicle».

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SVO summary for 7.07.24: RF Armed Forces offensive in all directions

Map of the North-Eastern Military District. Avdeevka direction. Summary of the North-Eastern Military District — 6.07.24

Map of the North-Eastern Military District. Avdeevka direction: situation at the front — 05.07.24

Map of the North-Eastern Military District — 04.07.24 — Kharkiv direction today

Kharkov direction. Situation on 04.07.24. Map of the North-Eastern Military District

Map of SVO - Chasov Yar today - 03.07.24

Chasov Yar today: Russian Armed Forces are advancing from several directions

Toretskoe direction - successful promotion on 07/02/24

Toretsky breakthrough. Situation as of 01.07.24 (today)

Toretskoye direction. Situation as of 30.06.24 (today)

Offensive on Toretsk: Russian Armed Forces Advance to New York and Zhelezny

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