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Tour operators advise booking tours in Crimea in advance. Features of rest on the peninsula

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Do I need to plan a vacation, or is the option «We had free days, broke and went» — the best idea? And there is no single answer to this question. Although … by and large … almost everything depends on how demanding you are about comfort on vacation. Experts will not let you lie, the more carefully this very vacation is planned from an organizational point of view, the less inconsistencies there will be. Like the lack of air tickets for suitable dates, places in hotels, the inability to rent the right car, etc. And this is especially true when it comes to traveling to popular countries and regions of Russia. So, for those who are going to descend on the Russian coast of the Black Sea in the coming spring and summer, tour operators definitely recommend early booking. In particular, tours to Crimea it’s definitely better to choose in advance. Moreover, if the trip to the peninsula will be the first, then it is better to plan it with specialists. Crimean holidays have their own characteristics, experts of the Intourist tour operator (the leader of the Russian tourism industry since 20 years!) take into account that the vacation turned out to be truly successful.

What do you need to know about a vacation in Crimea in order to plan your trip as correctly as possible?

    Crimean hotels — when «stars» matter

    There are hundreds of hotels in Crimea. With «star status» from 3 to 5, including. Big and small, officially working and receiving guests according to the principle “we are all relatives, what kind of officialdom?”, Expensive and budget, located almost on the seashore and those whose owners write “sea view” in their ads, but in fact it turns out that you can see the blue expanse from the windows, but you need to get to the coast «on the crossroads.»

    How not to make a mistake in choosing?

      select accommodation options on proven sites. For example, on the official website of Intourist, almost all Crimean hotels, hotels, sanatoriums are declared that operate in accordance with the law and have passed the classification (assigned «stars»). With check-in rules, treatment programs, if any, location, features related to catering, sports and leisure activities, etc.

    • compare options. The bottom line is that the tourism sector of the Crimea is very «motley». So, two hotels with the same number of «stars» can have the same prices for accommodation, but completely different conditions in terms of comfort.
    • Are there any hotels in Crimea with the all-inclusive option? Of course:

      These are comfortable hotels with a huge variety of services that are provided at a more than high level. Perfect for families with children, newlyweds , — note in Intourist.

      What hotels, inns and resorts are definitely worth booking “very, very in advance? If we are talking about the holiday season, then these are definitely establishments marked with 3 «stars». Most of them provide guests with very comfortable living conditions, and therefore the demand for them in the «heavy resort» is very high. It is almost impossible to “squeeze” without armor.

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