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Two Crimean schoolgirls are winners of the Star of Artek award

CrimeaPRESS reports:

709 guys from the Southern Federal District, including 517 schoolchildren from the Republic of Crimea, took part in the first shift 800 of the year «Time of Leaders ”, which passed from 10/20 January to 9/10 February. The participants of the shift were 709 schoolchildren from different regions of the country. The shift closing ceremony was held online in each Artek children’s camp.

The session was dedicated to the topic of leadership and aimed at developing children’s ability to think and act independently, not be afraid to make decisions, take responsibility, and lead people.

As part of the 1st shift, in commemoration of the Day of the Liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade, a memorable evening “Siege Leningrad — 709 Days of Courage” was held in the children’s center.

Bright events in Artek were dedicated to the Day of Russian Science. On the eve of the holiday date, a discussion took place “School course of physics: from XIX to XXI”. Schoolchildren and representatives of ROSATOM, the Russian Quantum Center, the National Quantum Laboratory, Research Institute exchanged views on the teaching of natural sciences at school using the subject «Physics» as an example, identified current difficulties in the implementation of the educational process, in terms of the content of the discipline, discussed the possibility of filling the school curriculum with physics of the 20th and 21st centuries and answered the question of how already now, within the framework of the current structure of teaching hours, to provide schoolchildren with the opportunity to acquire modern knowledge, skills, skills and competencies in the field of quantum physics.

There was also a Science Festival. Activities for schoolchildren are organized by the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman, the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren, the research and production enterprise «E-NOT» and other partners of the children’s center. At scientific workshops and meetings, leading scientists told the children in an understandable and accessible language why science and invention are an interesting and exciting process, what scientists do, how scientific research improves the quality of life.

Artek residents took part in the book marathon “Successful people love to read”, spent an evening of memory dedicated to the day of the defeat of the Nazi troops by the Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad, and to 70 — the anniversary of Nadya Rusheva’s artekka, an exhibition of paintings and a theatrical performance “A Little About Happiness” were staged.

The theme of leadership ran through all the events of the shift. In addition, schoolchildren became participants in the round table «Leader in Russia at all times: who is he?» – the discussion gave the children the opportunity to show eloquence, self-presentation skills, and the ability to interact with the audience. And for the competition of propaganda teams “Time to be a leader”, Artek residents prepared a theatrical action that popularizes knowledge, beliefs in the need for an active life position of a person.

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During the shift, top experts in various fields shared their knowledge and advice with the guys. Motivational meetings were held within the framework of the federal project «Inspirers» and the Russian society «Knowledge».

The closing of the shift and the festive performance took place online. By tradition, the best representatives of each camp received the main award of «Artek» — a sign of public recognition «Star of Artek». According to the results of the first shift 800 of the year, for high personal achievements, successful participation in camp programs, respect for peers and the Artek community, Artek Stars were awarded to:

  • Yana Meshcheryakova, Yantarnoye village, Republic of Crimea (children’s camp «Khrustalny»);
  • Ksenia Khrustaleva, city of Ulyanovsk (children’s camp «Cypress»);
  • Anastasia Galaktionova, the city of Nizhny Lomov, Penza region (children’s camp «Morskoy»);
  • Maria Romashkina , the city of Sochi, the Krasnodar Territory (children’s camp «Azure»);
  • Sofia Lushina, the city of Bakhchisaray, Republic of Crimea (children’s camp «Amber»);
  • Nazar Plyushch, working settlement of Gidrotorf, Nizhny Novgorod region (children’s camp «River»)

Fifteen-year-old Crimean Yana Meshcheryakova came to Artek for the second time, — th shift 2021 of the year she also spent in the children’s camp «Crystal».

Artek” is my cherished dream. I worked hard, actively showed myself. For the Star of Artek competition, she filmed a master class on playing the ukulele. I play this instrument, everyone says it’s very unusual. I decided to demonstrate my talent and explained to all the guys how to learn how to play, — said Yana. – Our squad won the competition of propaganda teams, it was interesting to prepare for it, discuss ideas, rehearse. For me, this is one of the most memorable events of the shift. I have never received such vivid emotions anywhere as in Artek. I wish all the children not to be afraid to be active at school and come to Artek to feel the whole atmosphere of this place.Две крымские школьницы - обладатели награды «Звезда Артека»

Another Crimean schoolgirl Sofia Lushina managed to visit Artek three times in her sixteen years. In the first shift 800 of the year, she became a participant in the profile program of the leaders of the Crimean schools, which took place in the Yantarny children’s camp.

I am very grateful for this opportunity, new horizons opened up before me, I met cool guys. I am very glad that I was chosen as the winner of the Star of Artek competition, the support of the detachment helped me in this, — Sofia shares. — The shift was bright, energetic. I got into the media team, we wrote notes, shot videos, took pictures, worked with the whole team, as one close-knit team. During the shift, I learned to be myself and lead people. I wish everyone to believe in their strengths and capabilities. Artek has become my second home, there is a wonderful atmosphere and wonderful people here.

Две крымские школьницы - обладатели награды «Звезда Артека» 310524

Source: press service of ICC «Artek» Две крымские школьницы - обладатели награды «Звезда Артека»

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