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Two new polyclinics will be built in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Within the framework of the regional project «Modernization of the primary health care of the Russian Federation» of the national project «Health», two polyclinics will be built in Simferopol. New healthcare facilities will appear on the street. Balaklavskaya and on the street. Yablochkov in the village of Gresovsky. The relevant contracts were signed this spring. It is planned that the new polyclinics will receive the first visitors at the end 2024 of the year.

Polyclinic on the street. Yablochkova in the village. Gresovsky will be built next to the MBOU «Secondary School No. «. The staff of the polyclinic will be about 36 employees. The institution is designed for all categories of citizens: the children’s department, which is designed for 167 visits per day, and the adult department — for 184 visits per day. In addition, a day hospital for beds for adults is planned.

The structure of the building will include a vestibule-entrance group of premises with a reception desk, offices of specialist doctors (surgeon, ophthalmologist, oncologist, etc.), a general family medicine department, an X-ray diagnostics department (CT, mammography, radiology), a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a central sterilization department, endoscopy and ultrasound rooms, an administrative and economic department, auxiliary and technical premises , reports the Main Directorate for the Implementation of National Projects.

In the clinic, it will be possible to conduct an examination to identify body disorders: take tests, check eyesight, measure pressure and lung volume, use a mammograph, fluorograph, ultrasound machine, ECG and other modern equipment. Thus, patients will have the opportunity to carry out most of the diagnostic tests and procedures within the same medical organization.

A new healthcare facility on the street. Balaklavskaya Simferopol provides 60 rooms for receiving patients and conducting laboratory tests. The total area of ​​the clinic will be 1178 sq. meters. According to the project, the building is divided into blocks with separate entrances and is designed for 250 visits per shift. In addition, the polyclinic will house offices of general practitioners and general family practitioners, a day hospital, a healthy lifestyle office, a medical prevention office, a functional diagnostics office, an emergency room, treatment and vaccination rooms, as well as a clinical diagnostic laboratory.

This medical facility will be equipped with modern medical equipment, which will allow for computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray examinations. For the reception of the children’s population, a separate registry is provided, as well as a pram room and a playroom.

In each clinic, for the convenience of people with limited mobility, a barrier-free environment will be created on all floors and in all rooms. In addition, non-slip ramps will be installed, tactile stripes will be applied on stairs and main routes, and elevators will be installed. In the adjacent territories of the medical institution, it is planned to plant trees and shrubs, install equipment for a children’s playground and outdoor comfort zones, benches and trash cans. At the same time, the project provides for the creation of a parking lot for vehicles, including for people with disabilities , — specified in the Main Directorate.

The construction of new polyclinics within walking distance of residential buildings is a top priority for the region, which will reduce the burden on existing healthcare facilities and increase the availability of medical care for residents of the respective areas.

As part of the implementation of the regional project «Modernization of the primary link of the Russian Federation» in the 2022 year, it is planned to build FAPs and one outpatient clinic. Overhaul will be carried out in 36 medical institutions of Crimea.

В Симферополе построят две новые поликлиники

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