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Ukraine intends to rename more than 300 toponyms associated with Russia

Ukraine intends to rename more than 300 toponyms associated with Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ukrainian authorities are going to rename more than 340 settlements throughout the country. The relevant information appeared on the Verkhovna Rada website.

We are talking about renaming settlements and areas whose names are in any way connected with Russia, or do not meet the standards of the Ukrainian language

The Verkhovna Rada Committee has already considered 340 proposals— reports TASS with reference to the Ukrainian parliament.

If approved, 7 districts, 15 cities, 54 towns, 267 villages will change their names.

Not all of them are named after historical figuresthe experts emphasized.

It will take six months to create a “black list”.

Local governments and military administrations should submit their proposals. In addition, the recommendations of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance will be taken into account.

Journalists gave examples of how the names of settlements can change. In particular, the village of Nadezhdovka in the Odessa region will be renamed Champagne, and the village of Roshcha — New Paris.

Let us remember that in 2015, Ukraine adopted a law on the so-called decommunization. And for nine years now there has been a “war on monuments” and topographic names associated with Soviet history. Monuments to Russian figures are being demolished and streets are being renamed.

source: «Russian newspaper»

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