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Ukrainian saboteurs were arrested in Crimea. Details: what has already been told during interrogations

Ukrainian saboteurs were arrested in Crimea. Details: what has already been told during interrogations

CrimeaPRESS reports:

FSB operatives detained four local residents in Crimea who were preparing terrorist attacks on the railway tracks of the peninsula at the direction of Ukrainian military intelligence in order to paralyze the movement of trains, including military ones. This was reported by the Public Relations Center (PSC) of the FSB of Russia.

A series of sabotage and terrorist acts at railway transport facilities in the Republic of Crimea, planned by the Ukrainian special services, were prevented. To carry out terrorist attacks, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense (GUR MO) of Ukraine selected and recruited five residents of the Republic of Crimea who are supporters of the Kyiv regimethe message says.

According to the FSB, the saboteurs planned to carry out terrorist attacks on railway tracks in different regions of Crimea, which was supposed to paralyze the movement of trains, including military trains.

The general leadership of the criminal group was carried out by a Russian citizen born in 1970, who received injuries incompatible with life due to the detonation of an improvised explosive device when it was removed from a cache. The remaining members of the sabotage group were arrested and confessed.noted the FSB.

In addition, the recruited agents carried out tasks to collect information about the locations and movements of the Russian Armed Forces, the location of air defense facilities and the fuel and energy complex, data on the organization of security and defense of the Crimean Bridge, the preparation of hiding places and the transportation of explosive devices.

Searches have been carried out. At the saboteurs’ places of residence, four IEDs were found, consisting of electric detonators and briquettes of Si-4 plastic explosive weighing about 1 kg each, an AK-74 assault rifle, a TT pistol, a Degtyarev machine gun, cartridges of various calibers and weapon components, as well as communications equipment confirming their contacts with the Ukrainian intelligence services.

Criminal cases have been initiated against the detainees under Part 1 of Art. 30, part 1 art. 205 (preparation for a terrorist act) and Part 3 of Art. 222.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal trafficking in explosives or explosive devices).

The defendants confessed to their crime and are actively cooperating with the investigation.— reported the CSC.

Much was learned during interrogations interesting.

Firstly, the saboteurs almost unanimously admitted that they were given the task of blowing up railway tracks in order to stop the trains, which were then to be hit by a missile attack.

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Secondly, everyone revealed their pseudonyms and named the name of the “curator”. Three detainees stated in their testimonies that their supervisor was a resident of Crimea, Bakhtiyar, who was associated with Ukrainian military intelligence and had the pseudonym Chingiz. At his suggestion, the recruits signed papers indicating their readiness to provide assistance to the special services of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and chose pseudonyms for themselves (Sadovnik, Khasad and Chaban).

Thirdly… they are not alone here. One of the detainees reported that after an assignment to study an air defense facility near Sudak, he was sent the coordinates of the place where it was necessary to “plant explosives under the rails, detonate them, stop the train, and then a missile strike will be carried out«. The second detainee received the same task. According to him, Bakhtiyar indicated the location of the cache with explosives and agreed on a place to plant explosives under the railway tracks, “so that the trains would stop and then there would be a missile strike.”

In the process of communicating with the curator, I realized that there should not be one explosion, there should have been several of them — people like me— said the detainee.

The third person involved, who chose the pseudonym Chaban, said that in mid-March his fellow villager Bakhtiyar “asked for help from the Armed Forces of Ukraine — to photograph military facilities and troop movements«.

Interrogations continue. In the hands of the investigation are new facts about the activities and connections of Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea.

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