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Vegetables, doshirak and chicken: travelers told what they eat on the train

Vegetables, doshirak and chicken: travelers told what they eat on the train

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More than 70% of Russians prefer to take food with them when traveling by train. 9.7% choose prepaid or additional meals, and 8.4% go to the dining car for a snack. This is stated in the results of a survey of the travel service Tutuin which more than a thousand people took part.

Another 4.8% order food on the train, and buy food from the conductor — 3.6%. The least number of people prefer to shop at the station — only 3.2%.

Russians most often take vegetables and fruits with them — 44.27%, noodles and instant foods — 40.65%, as well as something floury: sandwiches, buns, pizza, sausages in dough — 40.46%. Cookies, gingerbreads and waffles are bought for tea — 38.36%.

Next in popularity are chicken, eggs, jacket potatoes and pickled cucumbers — 31.49% take them with them on the train. Dried fruits and nuts are purchased by 26.15%, crackers and chips – 22.71%, baked meat and sausage – 20.8%, dairy products and cheese – 8.78%. Chebureks, belyashi and shawarma from the station are preferred by only 5.92% of travelers.

The majority of respondents spend up to 500 rubles on food on the train – 32.57%. 30.27% spend up to a thousand rubles, 17.35% spend from 1000 to 1500 rubles, and 9.73% spend up to two thousand. About 2500-3000 rubles are spent by 5.13%, and 4.96% of travelers spend from 2000-2500 rubles on food.

Also, according to Tutu analysts, the number of buyers of train tickets in the application increased by 32%, and the share of purchased train tickets increased by 27%. Travelers are also increasingly looking at train reviews and ratings before deciding to buy a ticket. The number of users who issue a train ticket in advance and pay for it later has also increased.

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