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Virtual numbers for social networks — features of use

Virtual numbers for social networks — features of use

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Virtual numbers for use in social networks provide the opportunity to register and use various online services without disclosing your real phone number. Which is especially useful for ensuring privacy and security.

Here are the main aspects to consider:

Virtual numbers are…


  • A virtual number is a phone number that is not linked to a physical SIM card. It is used to receive SMS messages and calls over the Internet.

Principle of operation:

Benefits of using virtual numbers


  • help maintain anonymity and protect personal data.
  • useful when registering on unfamiliar or untrusted sites.


  • reduce the risk of receiving spam and unwanted messages on your main number.
  • protect against phishing and other types of fraud.


  • allow you to use multiple accounts on social networks or other services.
  • can be used for temporary registration for a short period.

Selecting virtual numbers

Service reliability:

  • Choose proven and reliable services for purchasing virtual numbers.
  • Read reviews and study ratings before choosing a supplier.

Type of number:

  • Disposable numbers: used for one-time registration and are usually not available for reuse.
  • permanent numbers: can be used for a long time to regularly receive messages and calls.


  • Some services offer toll-free numbers, but often with limited functionality.
  • Paid services may provide more reliable numbers and additional features.


  • Make sure the number can receive both SMS and calls if this is required for your use.
  • Some services offer additional features such as forwarding messages and calls to your main number.
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  • It is important to consider how long you receive the number for. Some numbers may be active for a few minutes or hours, others — days or months.

Social Media Compatibility:

  • Some virtual numbers may be blocked by certain social networks or services due to their use by spammers. Check if your chosen service is supported by the social network you plan to register with.

Experts note: virtual numbers are a useful tool for ensuring privacy and security when using social networks and other online services. It is important to choose a reliable and functional service, consider the cost and validity of the number, and check its compatibility with the platforms you need.

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