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«Voloshinsky September» this year will connect Koktebel and the Kaliningrad region

«Voloshinsky September» this year will connect Koktebel and the Kaliningrad region

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On September 5, a large cultural forum, Voloshin September, started in Crimea. His program is calculated until September 17th. According to Tourist portal of Crimea, festivals, plein airs, competitions and seminars are planned for guests and participants. This year the festival is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Voloshin Cimmeria, the 120th anniversary of the construction of the House of the Poet and the Year of the Teacher and Mentor in Russia.

According to the press service of the historical and cultural museum-reserve «Cimmeria Voloshin», the events of the symposium will be held in Koktebel, Stary Krym and Feodosiya. Writers, scientists, directors, actors, artists, musicians, journalists, cultural figures from different cities of our country will traditionally take part in them. Creative guests will be from Svelogorsk, Baltiysk, Chernyakhovsk and Zelenogradsk. And with the Kaliningrad region, where these days the International Literary Festival named after M. A. Voloshin will be held, a large live broadcast will take place. The program of the Voloshin September cultural forum includes art master classes, presentations of new exhibitions of the Voloshin Cimmeria Museum-Reserve, theatrical literary and musical compositions, creative meetings, book presentations and film screenings.

The festival solemnly opened on September 5 at the Voloshin House Museum in Koktebel. The participants of the event got acquainted with the new exposition of the House-Museum, became guests of the master class of plein air painting “Fabric in Still Life. Realism in gouache technique. The festive evening was decorated with the musical and poetic program «Rendezvous at the Poet’s House» with the participation of poets, musicians, singer-songwriters from the Crimea, Moscow and Belarus.

Today, the epicenter of «Voloshinsky September» has shifted to Feodosia. The Museum of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva hosted the cultural and educational program «Cimmerian Silver Age» and the presentation of new exhibitions. In the evening at 18:40, museum guests will see the theatrical literary and musical composition «Silver Memory of Koktebel» staged by the theater studio «MODUS OPERANDI» from Simferopol. A busy creative day will be completed by the presentation of the book by the artist Natalia Arendt “Aivazovsky and his descendants. From the surviving archives” and the museum cinema hall, where from 20:30 the audience will see a film about the Dzheyrakh-Assinsky Museum-Reserve in Ingushetia.

On September 7, the Maximilian Voloshin House-Museum will show theatrical sketches and fragments of musical performances, as well as the creative association «Entract» from St. Petersburg.

On September 8, from 17:00, the musical and poetic composition “Dedication to the Mother of God of Vladimir” based on the works of M. Voloshin, A. Pushkin, F. Tyutchev, M. Tsvetaeva will be performed there with the participation of employees of the House-Museum of M. A. Voloshin. The program will continue with an evening of eurythmy, flamenco and poetry. And at 19:00, the Voloshin September cinema invites you with the film Good about Bad. The culture of modern cinema and television”, which will be presented by screenwriter, director and producer, member of the Russian Television Academy Alexei Pischulin from Moscow. At 20:30 it will be possible to listen to acoustic rock performed by guests from the capital — Alisa Dimitriadi and Marcus Bon.

On Saturday, September 9, at 8:30 in Koktebel, an ascent to the grave of Maximilian Voloshin, which is located on Mount Kuchuk-Yenishar, is planned. In the evening, the participants will gather again at the House-Museum of the Poet, where at 19:00 the program dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Vysotsky will begin. At the end of the day at 21:00 there will be a concert by the Black Sea Blues band, which will play New Orleans jazz, improvisations, rock and roll, blues, rock, swing and more.

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On September 10, the Maximilian Voloshin House-Museum will host creative meetings with writers and screenwriters, and at 16:30 the guests will be presented with the musical and poetic project «Nuggets», which will be accompanied by violin and piano, with poetry performed by Maria Bogomolova and songs from the vocal instrumental duet «Marian» At 19:30, another musical and poetic program “In one breath in three voices” will begin, where guests will hear poems and songs by Soviet bards and contemporary authors.

On September 11, there will be a teleconference between the Crimean Symposium «Voloshinsky September» and the International Literary Festival named after M. A. Voloshin in Kaliningrad.

On Wednesday, September 12, from 17:00 to 18:00 in the workshop of the Poet’s House in Koktebel, by invitation, guests will get to the solo performance “Crossing Fates. Last night in Paris» based on the works of Marina Tsvetaeva, performed by People’s Artist of Ukraine Svetlana Kucherenko. At 18:10 there will be a creative meeting with the poet Tatyana Gordienko and the presentation of her poetry collection «The Seagull from Dzhan-Kutaran Mountain» (2023), then a meeting with Shebet poets, musicians and artists.

September 14 at the Koktebel House-Museum of the Poet at 17:00 there will be a concert «Singing Poets». At 19:20, a presentation of the photo gallery «Space Elegy of Cimmeria» is scheduled, a creative meeting with the author, photo artist and teacher, participant of the «Koktebel» plein air, Sergey Tsybulko. In the cinema hall at 20:00, a film by Crimean directors Olga Kravchuk and Alena Ivanichenko «Gold of Crimea» about the archaeological excavations in Kerch and the fate of the rarest exhibits is announced.

On September 15, on Friday, the guests of Voloshin September will be met by the city of Stary Krym, where the Literary and Art Museum (Svoboda St., 17) will host the Radiance of Solkhat festival from 10:00 to 18:00. In the evening, the Voloshin House-Museum in Koktebel will host the closing ceremony of the 21st International Scientific and Creative Symposium «Voloshinsky September», which will feature acoustic jazz lounge duet WhiteSugarBand, the organizers report.

September 16 and 17 promise to be the most creative. On Saturday there will be a plein air for children with Crimean artists and participants of the Koktebel 2023 plein air — “Voloshin’s heirs paint Koktebel”. In the evening at 17:00, an art action «Gift to Koktebel» will be held, where artists will paint paintings in real time as a gift to the village. At 18:00, Crimean designers will make a performance show of a stylized costume.

On September 17, the Voloshin House-Museum invites you to an exhibition of decorative and applied arts of Crimean masters, and at 17:00 to a skit party based on the “Turbos in the Voloshin House”, where romances will sound, pranks and hoaxes from Voloshin’s times will take place. The holiday will end with a concert.

Admission to all events is free!

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