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Volunteer of the special unit «Bars» from Sevastopol: «The Motherland is like a mother»

Volunteer of the special unit «Bars» from Sevastopol: «The Motherland is like a mother»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Courageous and brave men stand up to defend their country every day. Their names and call signs have already become part of the history of modern Russia. One of the heroes is a fighter of the volunteer detachment «Bars», squad leader Nikolai. Nikolai has years of contract service in a special forces detachment behind him.

I have been participating in a special military operation since 2023. I consider the legacy that we leave behind, the legacy of our time, the thoughts and actions that will be passed on to future generations, to be important and valuable. A person is responsible not only for himself, and not even only for his loved ones — we are responsible for everything that happens around us— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the serviceman.

The man admits that his homeland is like a mother to him.

The Motherland is like a mother. Even if she is wrong in everything, I will not stop loving her, there simply cannot be another mother.— Nikolai notes.

After returning to his hometown, the combat veteran contacted the branch of the Fatherland Defenders Foundation in January 2024 for psychological help. Nikolai is also a participant in the Serving the Fatherland project, in which special operation veterans and war correspondents perform for young people, and actively participates in the events of the foundation’s branch. In addition, he is involved in entrepreneurial and social activities, delivers humanitarian aid to the SVO zone, enjoys caving and goes to the mountains.

Let us recall that military personnel are provided with about 15 federal and regional benefits and guarantees, including those received by participants in a special operation: service housing or compensation for rent, life and health insurance, credit and tax holidays, additional benefits and guarantees of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and others.

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To enroll in military service under a contract, you need to prepare the following documents: an autobiography and questionnaire (the form is posted on the website), a passport, a military ID, an education document, a marriage certificate and birth certificates of children.

The collection point is located at 3a Kommunisticheskaya St., telephone: +7 (8692) 22-14-51.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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