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«Watch of memory of generations — Post No. 1» in Sevastopol. The guys visited the legendary Sapun Mountain

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 11, schoolchildren from all over Crimea visited the Sapun Gora memorial complex. The tour participants were 96 winners of the regional competition «Generation Memory Watch — Post No. 1». This is reported TV channel NTS.

After the excursion in the open air, the young men and women laid flowers at the eternal fire at the Obelisk of Glory to the Soldiers-Liberators. A visit to the memorial complex became part of the interregional expedition «Be worthy of the memory of the fallen.»

Keeping the «Watch of Memory of Generations» in Crimea resumed only in 2020. This year was recognized as the year of memory and glory by decree of the President of the Russian Federation. At the moment, in 25 municipal districts of the Republic, more than 7,000 postovites have joined the movement. Every year they hold a regional competition to select the best guards of honor.

This year, for the first time, according to the results of the competition, the interregional expedition “Be worthy of the memory of the fallen” takes place in Sevastopol. During the expedition, which will run through March 14, inclusive, the guys from the Crimea will take part in mini-forums in each hero city, where they will show their knowledge about the Great Patriotic War and what role the defenders and liberators of the peninsula played in it. The expedition program is extensive; on March 11, it began with an excursion around Sapun Mountain.

Then we have a search historical-heroic game. The guys will look for monuments — why they were erected, in honor of what and whom, etc. As a result of all this, of course, there will be a candle for the city of Sevastopol, i.e. in the evening we will discuss all these questions and move to Rostov-on-Don. We have our own program there, then Volgograd. In Volgograd, we visit memorial places, get acquainted with the guard movement and join the Memory Watch with young Volgograd residents— said the head of the public organization «Lens Movement of Crimea» Yevgeny Kostylev.

At the end of the tour, the Postovites laid flowers at the eternal flame at the Obelisk of Glory to the Soldiers-Liberators. Ahead of them is a meeting with the Volgograd participants in the movement, as well as a discussion with the heroes of the Russian spring. According to the organizers, the expedition “Be Worthy of the Memory of the Fallen” will unite young people from different regions in the field of patriotic work.

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