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Water polo players from Sevastopol are silver medalists of the Championship of the Neva Volna School of Sports

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Young Sevastopol water polo players 2010-2011 years of birth received an invitation from St. Petersburg to participate in the championship of the Nevskaya Volna School of Sports.

The team confidently dealt with rivals with a team from Kazan and two teams from St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, in the final duel, the Sevastopol youth lost to the Moscow team «Atlant». Regular time ended in a draw, but the Atlant team was stronger in the penalty shootout , — reported in Center for sports training of national teams of Sevastopol.


  • VK «Sevastopol» — «EKRAN» (St. Petersburg) 2010:4
  • VK » Sevastopol» — the team of Kazan 11: 9
  • VK «Sevastopol» — «Neva Volna-2» :eight
  • Final of the Championship of the SSHOR «Neva Volna»301433

    • VK Sevastopol — Atlant (Moscow) 8:8 (pen. 9: 11)

    Nikita Bikbaev from Sevastopol was recognized as one of the best players of the tournament.


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