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Water supply resumed in Sevastopol

Water supply resumed in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The water has not yet reached all the houses, but overnight (the authorities promise) everything will get better.

Water supply in Sevastopol has been almost completely restored. In some houses, water appeared today during the day, in some it is now coming — the networks are full, water comes from all the city waterworks. About it reported Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Nevertheless, social networks are full of indignant comments from people to whom the water did not reach (and on the 4th day, by the way). The authorities promise: the system is filling, the water will arrive — it’s a matter of time. Perhaps hours, perhaps minutes. BUT! Several accidents have already happened, due to which many still have no water.

Local problems have arisen that are not related to the supply of water from hydroelectric facilities: due to an accident in the water supply networks, houses on Yumashev, Stepanyan, Fadeev, Parkovaya and Shchitovaya streets are still disconnected, as well as on October Revolution Avenue from 17 to 89 houses and in 42 . On site, on my instructions, Evgeniy Sergeevich Gorlov is supervising the repair of the 500 pipe, water will be provided approximately by midnight, I will inform you additionally about the completion of the worknoted Razvozhaev.

Also, water is not yet supplied to Inkerman. According to preliminary information, this happened due to illegal work by a private organization — workers carried out excavation work and cut the cable that leads to one of the waterworks. Authorities believe the water will be turned on around 11 p.m.

Please note: in a number of houses, management companies have closed valves or turned off pumps to avoid problems with pressure drops during filling systems — therefore, if there is no water in your house yet, it will be provided soon.

I thank all Sevastopol residents for their understanding and patience. Our utilities have been working to the limit throughout this time to restore water supply as quickly as possible.

Now all management companies have been instructed to conduct a walk-through of residents and check, after supplying water, whether there are any problems with engineering equipment and internal networks. It was also instructed to strengthen the duty of emergency crews in the evening“, Razvozhaev summed up.

In case of an accident, call:
+7 (8692) 54-42-68
+7 (8692) 64-47-80
or 8 (800) 733-33-03, ext. 2

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